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I am the insurer. I insured my finance's jewelry. She told

Customer Question

I am the insurer. I insured my finance's jewelry. She told me she lost 2 pieces of jewelry so I turned it in and got paid for it. Now I find outvshebhas a safety deposit box that may very well have the ring and bracelet she said she lost in it. Can I call my insurance company and ask them to check her deposit box because of good reason to believe she has them in there. She was worried we were going to break up and I would get the jewelry back so she made up a lie to get paid for it while she has it tucked safely away in safety deposit box. I just want my name cleared and justice to be served. What do I do?
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Bill Attorney replied 10 months ago.

This is attorney Bill offering legal assistance today.

Your question relates to insurance fraud , obtaining money under false pretenses, and larceny.

Depending on the value of the jewelry this could either be a misdemeanor or felony crime but is most likely a felony.

As the insurer you do have a duty to report a crime or could be also liable as an accessory after the fact in concealing the crime.

If you or your finance have made a claim on the jewelry , as well as there being criminal implications for fraud, the jewelry belongs to the insurance company and not you if you have been paid for the loss.

I'm sorry that this isn't an easy answer. While this may have been just a mistake on behalf of your fiance and if the two of you were voluntarily to reimburse the insurance company, they would more than likely not even press charges.



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Attorney Bill

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
I am more than willing to give anything they find back but she is the one that lied and then concealed from me. Now we are breaking up and she thinks she can keep all the jewelry has had made. I collect gems and pawn shop rings and had them made as investment for me. I told her she could wear the jewelry as long as we were together now we are splitting up and she has all but the engagement ring out in her deposit box with my having no knowledge of it. I said in Minnesota she does not get to keep the ring of we dontvget married. She thinks diferently. I want to know why she would get to keep the stuff I had made and just hanfedvto her and said here you can wear this as long as we are together.
Expert:  Bill Attorney replied 10 months ago.

That's right. Under Minnesota law, an engagement ring is a conditional gift on the event of the marriage taking place; if the marriage never takes place the ring should be returned to the buyer, if not the recipient can be sued in civil court.

I already outlined insurance fraud law to you.

Minnesota Statute 609.611 INSURANCE FRAUD.

The penalty for fraud is the following :

Whoever violates this provision may be sentenced as provided in section 609.52, subdivision 3, based on the greater of (i) the value of property, services, or other benefit wrongfully obtained or attempted to obtain, or (ii) the aggregate economic loss suffered by any person as a result of the violation. A person convicted of a violation of this section must be ordered to pay restitution to persons aggrieved by the violation. Restitution must be ordered in addition to a fine or imprisonment but not in lieu of a fine or imprisonment.


Attorney Bill