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My husband and i are married for 25 years, we are having

Customer Question

my husband and i are married for 25 years , we are having some problems because but he doesn't want to get divorce because he has a business Central air conditioning and heating . I work for him since the business started and he didnt payment for the first 3 years .The business was formed in 2010 and now he said that we can have separation of assets and he said that the business is his and he having a lawyer already for this matter. He wants to live in our home and take care of all the bills. He even said that he wants to change the house to my name but the house doesn't have equity . The business is doing good but he wants to be in control of everything. My older daughter who is 22 years old is the want that after the business she tried 2 times to make problem so we can divorce. Also, they want me out of the business now. For the years that he didn't payment I wrote checks from the company so I can buy food, entertainment for the kids. I will said the total was 30 thousands in the first 3 years and last 10 months Deposit 3 checks from the company with my name for 1,200 thousand dollars . He said that is a federal crime and people from the bank are investigating . For the las 2 years he paid me 8 dollars an hour. I don't have anything because i spend everything in the house, my kids and i have bank record to prove it. The investigation in the bank, I don't know if is true or he is doing this only for me to give him the business . he said that 2 federal officer when to the bank to investigate is that true?. People change so much when they have money they became so greedy . My daughter who doesn't work when to Italy for 8 months to study Italian and my husband spend 30 thousand and her. Her tuition was only 5 thousand . Please I need you advise in this matter. Can they charge me with a criminal crime. the company is an LLC Company and he is the sole owner. But I was his right hand.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 10 months ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
You as a spouse, absent any written contract to the contrary, have a marital interest in the business. In the event of divorce you would be entitled to about 1/2 of the interest in the business since you worked with him to build the business up.
Also, if you used money from the business to pay for your marital needs and needs of the children, the FBI will not touch this case and he is trying to bully you and scare you to give up your interest in the business. They are not likely to charge you for using the money on marital expenses for the children. They are likely to turn all of this back to him to tell him to pursue it in divorce court.
If things are this bad, I would suggest you getting an attorney and being the first to file for divorce because the first to file typically gets the best deal.