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My friend was in a drug raid. I had recently purchase a

Customer Question

My friend was in a drug raid. I had recently purchase a motorcycle that day, which was in my name. Now i have nothing against me- no charges or investigation. With due process to law. How can they(police) hold my property? Isnt this violating my 14 Amendment Right & discriminating against me?
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  TJ, Esq. replied 9 months ago.

Hello and thank you for the opportunity to assist you. My name is ***** ***** I will do my very best to answer your legal questions.

Can you provide a little more background? For example, what does your motorcycle have to do with the drug raid?

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
The motorcycle was on property . The title was in my name. The individual that got raided and charged,well his name was Antonio Ross. They seized 4 vehicles and that was on the property I just had the motorcycle I bought put there a half hour before hand and showed my proof of purchase and how it was bought the deputy detectives got rude with me and still took the bike ...after asking many times for it to be released I was told I had to come sign it over as to they was not givingvit back because my intentions was to buy it for Mr Ross ...Although no charges and in the discovery all vehicles are asking to be seized and motorcycle was not mentioned then when placed in the paper nor was it mentioned there when I require about it I'm being told to go to county prosecutor the same one telln me to sign it over ...what do I do when they all work together
Expert:  TJ, Esq. replied 9 months ago.

Hi again.

I'm sorry to say that I think you're going to have to retain an attorney to negotiate with the prosecutor, argue that the motorcycle is your property alone and has nothing to do with the defendant, and file a lawsuit if necessary to get the motorcycle back. My guess is that an attorney will be able to obtain the release of the motorcycle without the need to file a lawsuit, however, particularly if you hire an attorney who knows the prosecutors.

You didn't mentioned which county you're in, but you can find the various county bar association referral services here:

They will be able to find a local attorney for you to get back the motorcycle.

Does that answer your question? Please let me know if you need clarification, as I am happy to continue helping you until you are satisfied. Also, please remember to provide a positive rating via the stars (and note that your positive rating is the only way that I'll get credit for helping you, so it is much appreciated!). Thank you. :)

Expert:  TJ, Esq. replied 9 months ago.

Hello again. I didn't hear back from you, so I'm just checking in to make sure that you don't need more help on this issue.