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In tn if a person takes out a life policy on you without you

Customer Question

hi, in tn if a person takes out a life policy on you without you knowing like putting a different address, and using a different #, and then after your divorce tries to again, and then 5 years after your divorce successfully makes changes to this policy to increase benefits, what can be done when we just found out last week about this,
JA: Because family law varies from place to place, can you tell me what state this is in?
Customer: tn
JA: Has anything been filed or reported?
Customer: not yet, our atty has the papwerwork i was able to obtain last week but we havent met w him yet and im just trying to get ahead w some information
JA: Anything else you want the lawyer to know before I connect you?
Customer: we are being sued by his ex wife regarding not keeping up life policies and this is the one that she doesn't realize we received a bill and have kept it up because my husband was required to keep all policies active that were in force before the divorce and we didn't realize she forged his name to everything but w receiving the papers to defend him against this claim we have seen that she signed everything..
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 10 months ago.

Hello, My name is ***** ***** I will assist you today. Please give me a few minutes to write a response and identify any additional resources for you.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Ok.. I think I am going to contact the me info burea to see if they can locate other applications or policies because we also have found another application started in 02 after their divorce
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 10 months ago.

Dear Customer,

Purchasing a life insurance policy based on someone else is not improper (you could purchase a policy on anyone you please - including the President, your neighbor, or some other individual - assuming you could find an insurance carrier that is willing to write the policy).

You raise a couple of issues that do raise concern - namely forging signatures and changing/increasing benefits (thus increasing the premiums) from the time of the dissolution.

You are very early in your litigation - probably in the discovery phase - which means that you are probably going to be talking to your attorney about whether or not there is going to be a basis for negotiation/mediation (mediation is very effective and almost always used)/or a motion for summary judgment - all tools to avoid trial, but this is part of the litigation process.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
We are just now finding this out as my be able to defend him against this false claim .. But if it were to go further.. We don't want to cause her any harm.. As far as legal
Trouble or any harm..We just want her to leave us alone and she is making up several false claims just to get more money .. They've been divorced 14 years and nothing but the son is 18 and a senior and her gravy train from us is almost over.. And before we pursue this further we just wondered if this is serious or just a leverage tool?
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Nothing as far as never any other legal problems regarding this divorce..
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 10 months ago.

This is going to be focused on the litigation itself (it really isn't going to go beyond that - so you aren't going to be doing her harm past defending against her affirmative claims).

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
She's claiming so much against us, like unpaid dr bills for her, however she hasn't sent us any dr bills until last week, will she have to prove sending them to us? Because I'm almost sure she's had judgment against her for unpaid dr bills that she never followed up by legal actions toward us? I mean you can't pay what you don't know?
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 10 months ago.

Yes, this is information that will all come through in the "discovery" portion of the litigation process.

As you get more information your attorney will guide you on what course of action to take (this will often be a combination of actions as opposed to a single one) - including those that I identified above (negotiation/mediation/motion for summary judgment/trial).