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My mother died in 2/2012 in my home in Lamar.. She had been

Customer Question

My mother died in 2/2012 in my home in Lamar.. She had been abused and elder abuse file was filed. My brother who had been attested on a drug charge had taken all her money ny th e time she cae to my home She was locked in her home ad I had to drawl through a window to get her out. Daddy had died a couple months before mother died. Mother had othing to probate andher possesions amounted to nothing and she only had $800 in the bank due to my brother stealing it all. The funerla bill was arranged and mother told my brother to pay the funera from a funerral -olicy where she had him o as beneficiary since 1982 and he said he would. There was another $2.,000 oolicy through Stonebridge. i wen t to the fuenrla home before shedied to set up the funeral but the funeral told me this paper would have to be changed and when i told them she cdi d not want tobe embalmed they told me that was not possible because they had no placeto keep her and they had a babies funeral.
JA: Because real estate law varies from place to place, can you tell me what state this is in?
Customer: i was never told she could be iced now was I told to get a casket at another place because we still lvied in
JA: Has anything been filed or reported?
Customer: Texas at that time. When she died i assumed my brother would take the funds to the funeral home but he did nto ad the funerla home failed to get both my brothers signatures on the statement. i guess they did not care as long as they had oner and
JA: Anything else you want the lawyer to know before I connect you?
Customer: i asssumed they got them but the did not. Her houe had to be sold via a partitionmediation with Rom Mitchell who I hae no use for and Rom Mitchell and my atorney intolf me di not do not do not pay the funerap home because this was in 7/.2013 and the funeral home neer did probate the bill and they sent l= a letter to the funeral hoe and we jad a creditors statement printed in the paper. In 5/30 I received a subpeona for court after receinvng nothing front he funeral home for 4 years and they said they were sying me for '15,000 with a lien against my house. We spoent $43,000 of our monies in caring for my oparents and i neer receied, asked for nor was offered one dime for caring for them both at thesame time nor did I expect it. A check for %7,500 was made out to my brothers bailbondsman that was not mothers signature and the bail bondsman told me the bond had been paid so he cashed the check and gae %5,000 to my brothers criminal defense attorney and $2,500 to my c=drug addict brother. All the while y brothers attoerney was using my mother and dadd as his cliets (my brothers) excuse for postponing court and he had elder abuse charges that he never showed up for court. Since he stole the funeral monies and there was only $2,000 let when i started to collect the $2,000 the policyholder told e that it would have to be split 3 ways. . So I paid for y own probate attorney because my brothers attorney was sending mme three to four letters a week attacking me and landering me and i was diagnosed with breast cancer at that time and had to probate to het him to leae e aloe and stop harrassing me. I had someone parked behind my house taking pictures and wasthe care of the house cost us over 7,000 olus my attorneys fees When my sattorney told me the judge ordered outside emdiation i asked him who was aying for it the courts> he said he guessed they would but heknew better than that. he was a liar. i mediation the criminal defense attorney ran the entire mediation but we were totally broke after paying out all our retirements and savings in caring for the house and te attorneys and the criminal defense attorney told me his cliet, my brother would not signa wuit caim deed unless i paid him $10,000 and we had no gra=oceries at that time so we had no choice, i could not even aford to pay 420,000 and buy their house bakc myself we s=were so broke., =During mediation the attorney told medo not do not do nto pay the funeral home because their time was gone and finished since they did not respond and the funeral home did not even file probate. When i asked them in court against me why they did ot theeir attorney told me they do not probate but the owner of the funeral home told me they probate all the time and if they had probated they would hae been paid their money right off but since they had not protested against the estate there was othing else I could do. They told me that if i wantd to pay the funeral home i had to do ti out of my own money fro the house. Now we have been runnign in a negatie for alnost 2 years by now and a negative our our income tax return for two years. i had no time to get and attorney so i was hit with a %26,000 lien against our house so we have nothing. This was all we had and all our retirement money went into this house. Since we have o money now to pay the funeral bill we are screwed but what happened but that my brother is a totaly drug addict with a log record who /dee Wamp0let hated and d'ee defeded him ont ha=e last case againtst him in 'Dade county where he committ harm with intet w=and the huy almmost died. my brother used $11,000 of his own money once for drugs and did now want to tell his wife so he told his wife that he gae me $1,500 for the funeral bill and she called me to chew e out when he sent me nothing but lied to her because he had t=no balls to tell her ewhat he did with his own mojey. since she was out on ptobayion the secnd time they asked the funeral home to send them a i had and mothers death certificar=e which he should havea pdu for is ue wanted it so bad. He then told them that
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