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I been charge of shoplifting first offense I know I did some

Customer Question

Hi my name is***** been charge of shoplifting first offense I know I did some stupid act and I promise I will not dot it again but it's just accident I been in and purchased In Jcpenny but the cashier didn't ring up the security device when I paid and transfer to other store which there system been alarm I didn't pay attention on it while I'm walking around the store trying to find a sale clearance got a king duvet on sale and charger and some clothes apparently my hand is full and getting heavy so I put the charger in my purse and continues do shopping when I got a msg said I don't have enough money to my account so I left the items trying to get my cash in a car then there system alarm again and they stop me (I forgot the items I put in my purse) said I have there item in my purse I said I left it just trying to get my money in the car so I can pay it but they won't let me they took my bag and took at the back office that is the time they saw the charger I have some stuff in my purse to like my changing clothes to change to my other job(part time) and the stuff I bought in Jcpenny they look at me sarcasm said ohh look at this I didn't say anything coz I know I have a mistake but even my changing clothes and I purchased in Jcpenny penny they said is there stuff I told them I have my receipt its n my purse but they don't want me touch my purse what they said just admit it and we let you go I don't like trouble so ok yes then they ask me where is the price tag for the clothes I said I don't have it that my personal stuff but they don't believe me they let me sign bunch paper and they said if I'm sign it or not still they charged me after that they call a cops the cops ask the LP officer if they fought me they said no she did in fitting room I want to react but I'm afraid if im gonna say anything my charge getting worst I am Asian and I'm sure they gonna charge me bunch of it I don't know what to do I'm asking help im not making that enough money right now I worked cleaning bank office on my day off and working as a housekeeping at Inn mostly they cut our hours if we are not busy so I need to do part time to enough paying all my bills hoping you can help me. Thank you so much and God bless
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Dwayne B. replied 1 year ago.

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