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I am a disabled 63 year old man I live in a Section 8

Customer Question

Hi, I am a disabled 63 year old man I live in a Section 8 building same one for nearly 7 years now. The landlords agent AHRCO has over that s7 year been consistently hostial toward me, I think because I am white and the building is
otherwise segregated as all black building. AHRCO is well vested politically and flaunts their political status with wholsale civil rights and ADA violations against all it's tenants.
Recently I paid my August rent on 8/01/16 via personal check as usual for $217USD mysection8 specified amount the check cleared my bank on1/15/16, 5 t0 10 days faster than usual they tend to be slow processing checks through their offices. This week I got a notice of a billing of an charge of $425USD for late payment of rent ?
They have already tried to evict me 4 times in the last 7 years as part of their
segregation efforts now it looks like this over billing would is yet another attempt at HUD Fraud ?
What should I ddddo ?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  JustAnswer replied 11 months ago.
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Customer: replied 11 months ago.
What answer ?