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Zoey, JD
Zoey, JD, Attorney
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I think this is a scam. You are hereby notified that a

Customer Question

I think this is a scam. You are hereby notified that a lawsuit has been filed against you for three serious allegations. American Credit Express is a client of ours, and we are going to be representing them in future legal proceedings.
The charges with American Credit Express pressed on you are:
1) Violation of Federal Banking Regulation
2) Collateral Check Fraud
3) Theft by Deception
The affidavit states that Theresa Leonard a Social Security No. which is ***-**- 3440 was monitored online using the e-mail address which is***@******.*** in order to solicit funds from a restitution which is owned and operated by the American Credit Express who owns and operates more than 350 online cash websites, web portals and many of the sub lenders are working for them (Ace Cash, Speedy cash, Cash and Go, LendUp, Cash net USA, US Cash, Cash Advance). The funds were successfully transferred into your bank account utilizing an interstate EFT which stands for electronic funds transfer.
When the creditor attempted to extract the funds back from your account as a repayment, at that time 6 EFT’s were returned back constituting worthless electronic checks. So, as of now rather than chasing you for money the creditor have simply decided to write this money as a loss, as well as declared to be stolen and they pressed charges against you.
Now the affidavit is taken by FDCPA law that means Fair Debt Collection Practices Act under Section 9 Chapter 19.
Now this means just two things for you:
1.) If you are on any state supervised probation on payroll, then you will need to intimate the officer about this case.
2.) If you have any prior convictions including but not limited to worthless check, grand theft or money laundering, so please be aware that they shall handle this case as a habitual offense as your state is zero tolerance state.
This is also to inform you that the creditor has all the rights and authorities to inform your employer about this case and what will be the results and consequences comes once this case is downloaded and executed with the judgments against you, it is because you have kept your employer’s name as a security and also as an additional security two more names were used.
Finally, you have the right to hire an attorney, if you have one or if you cannot afford one then one shall be appointed to you. But please make sure that you have someone to help you out regarding this case because once this case is downloaded and executed with judgments against you and if you found guilty under the bench of jury then you have to bear the court charges as a penalty and the Amount is $4878.23 excluding your bail charges, your attorney charges and the due amount pending on your name.
Finally, your name and Social Security Information would be reported to the three major credit bureaus of USA such as,
1.) Equifax
2.) Tran union LLC
3.) Experian
Ultimately it would be affecting your FICO scores by 85 negative points and your social security number would be black listed and you would also never be eligible for all the government benefits and entities.
According to the orders of the court house the State Investigation Department Officers will deliver all the legal documents to your current employer and that can risk your current job and once the judge opens your case for execution legally on September 5th, 2016 then these charges will be reflecting on your Credit Reports because of which it will be very difficult for you to get a new job in future.
Finally, this case is going to be downloaded in your State County Court and your Local County Sheriff department on September 5th, 2016 at 11.00 am as per your State Standard Time and after then you will be forced to resolve this case legally by facing all the legal problems and spending money on your attorney as fees, case execution charges, legal penalties, bail charges, paper development charges on the top of the due amount that you owe from your creditor.
If you are willing to settle it out of the court you can surely respond positively today itself. There shall not be any further correspondence via email. You can contact the number listed below.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-(904)-900-8274
***** *****
Attorney At Law
Davis Law Firm
Tel.:(###) ###-####
this is very fishy.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 1 year ago.


My name is ***** ***** I will be assisting you with this question. I agree tht this looks very much like a scam. What they are telling you doesn't add up. It's sprinkled with "legalese" to confuse you, but it doesn't add up at all.

However, just to be sure:

Are you aware of any of the referenced companies and their deposits iinto your accounts? Are you aware of any blank checks? Where, supposedly, is the Davis Law firm, since the name is ***** ***** so that there may be many of them.

Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 1 year ago.

The phone number has been reported as a scammer's number elsewhere on the web. The number traces to a Jonathan Dobbs in Jacksonville, Florida, but it is a Bandwith phone, meaning it's a VOIP (voice over internet protocol). This is a person calling you via a computer. It can be used anywhere in the world that the computer is.

There is, as you have said a real law firm named the Davis Law firm in Jacksonville, though the phone number is *****

According to the Florida Bar Association, there is no such lawyer as Jonathan Dobbs working for the Davis Law firm.

I'd note also that the grammar is faulty many of these statements make no literal sense at all and less legal sense.

Finally, if they were charging you with crimiinal offenses, they would not be representing their client in any action against you. The prosecuting attorney would be handling the case. You would never have heard from a law firm. You'd have simply been arrested if this were true.

Do not respond in any way to this letter. If you respond they will continue to badger and intimidate you, because what they really want is personal identifying information and your money.

You can safely ignore the letter. It's a scam.

Report the fraud the FBI at, which is the website they wish you to use for communications of this sort.