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Dental MalPractice. Tooth extracted -took over an hour. He

Customer Question

Dental MalPractice. Tooth extracted -took over an hour . He kept asking me if I wanted the tooth pulled. Once it was out, a woman came in and told me hat the extraction was $400.00..I nearly fell out of the chair. She told me the bridge they were putting in was $1,900.00. Now I have been in the chair nearly 3 hours. She proceeded to show me two contracts. I was woozy and signed both. One $66. a month the other 15 months $88.00 a month. They installed the bridge and it fell out the next day, I returned the bridge and was greeted by a dental assistant. She was nice and installed a new bridge. It lasted 2 days and fell out. No I am scheduled to go back for a 3rd bridge on Friday. I went there thinking they woul help me but instead set me up to pay $1,900 I really can't pay. Age 76-no Ins. Live on SS other income.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Chris T., JD replied 11 months ago.

Hello. I'll be happy to assist you.

If you signed the contracts while you were under the effects of medication they gave you at the dentist, you have grounds to void those contracts. The law in Arizona, like most states, is that a contract that's signed while one of the parties is impaired (in this case, by medication) is unenforceable. That said, if a judge were to find that the contract is unenforceable, the judge would likely order you to pay fair market value for the service you were provided. In this case, you had the tooth extracted, and you had a bridge put in that appears to be faulty, or was improperly installed. As such, you can expect the judge to hold you responsible for the full fair market value of the extraction, and some small percentage of the cost of the bridge. While I can't say exactly what that amount is, it should be considerably less than the $1700 you paid. Now, if you go back and they do put it in properly, you will likely have to pay them more than you would if they didn't properly repair it.