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We have a friend who had deals with another friend writing

Customer Question

We have a friend who had deals with another friend writing songs which did very well on the internet. There is a battle of who's songs they were ( when written together) neither got copyright.....but where the question lays is one had everything taken offline and the other didn't get it is a he said, he said situation....We are trying to figure out where we can find a lawyer that can at least give us information on how to get the songs written back on the internet and how one could take them off with out the other.....??? Im sorry hope you can understand some of this!!!! Here is what is going on I copied and pasted!!! ‎Lloyd Maslin II‎ to LOTL Family 19 hrs · Well loves... somehow Raymond Maxwell is able to get all the songs we had together taken offline everywhere, without any written legal documented proof between us. All I'm able to do is try and dispute the copyright claims, although I'm supposed to have proof that I had consent to upload the songs... (which I did) but neither of us have proof to backup either of our claims... so I don't understand why he's able to do things without proof... yet I can't. Also because of his actions, I'll have to pay legal penalty fees over all of this. So I'm sorry to inform you that unless they accept my dispute, the songs will not be available online anywhere... until things are legally taken care of. I did everything for those jerks... yet they wanna gun for me and make my life hell for standing up and protecting MY LOTL family... that I created. So like I said... until legal stuff get's worked out, goodbye to all the hard work we put into the numbers, views, etc... until legalities are taken care of, and I'm able to re upload the songs and start from scratch
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Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  N Cal Atty replied 11 months ago.

Thank you for your question.

Absent a contrary written agreement, they each own 50% of the copyright and either of them can register the copyrights but should register them under both names.

Your friend can get a free consultation from some of the entertainment law attorneys listed by location here.

Your friend needs to follow up on this with a local attorney, and may benefit from getting a copy of this book.

I hope this information is helpful.

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