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About a year ago I put items into storage. The first unit I

Customer Question

About a year ago I put items into storage. The first unit I took had a bad door so was given another. The first invoice drawn up showed the unit number with the bad door (unit K12). I was given another unit and told verbally the unit number (J54). I was a few months later that I went to the unit unable to locate the lock I had always used. I was confused but was leaving overseas the next day so couldn't deal with it at the time. I got a email a few days later from my father stating that my items had been stolen and other stuff was in that unit. My father was told that thieves usually put items back into units after they take the original items. Looking at my paperwork the unit I was given was J54 but my payments were credited to unit J58. I did not purchase insurance, but wonder if there is still something I can do. Any advice? Should I contact the police to see if a report was made. I was told there were numerous units that were broken into. Should I try to find the auctioneers they may use and try to contact them? Any advice would be great.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Sam replied 11 months ago.

Hello Jason

This is Samuel. I am sorry to hear of this matter.

Yes, I suggest you will want to make a police report on your stolen items. And then contact the storage facility and find out why your payments have been credited to the wrong unit. It is unfortunate that you do not have insurance to cover this, but it is possible that if the police find this is an "inside" job, the facility will be responsible for the value of your items.

Expert:  Sam replied 11 months ago.

I also suggest you can contact the auctioneers and also have the police work with you in that regard in an investigation. Also Pawn Shops in the area, of course. But the really question is why are you being credited to the wrong unit? Is your property in the J58 unit, do you know?