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My little Shih Tzu was attacked by the neighbors dog took

Customer Question

my little Shih Tzu was attacked by the neighbors dog took him to aftercare emergency vet . The vet said he had no major organ damage some bites but the skin and muscle in his neck needed to be sewn back together three force of the way around his neck and they wanted To keep him Wednesday he said the dogs vitals were very good he was doing great he needed to stay another day for fluids And meds that you need to be administered through an I v .. On Thursday morning he called me at around 9:00 am and said he had put my little dog in a small run to let him drink and walk around . He said he drank and walked around the perimeter of the kennel a couple times and then he layed down . He said after about 30 to 40 minutes of not seeing my dog move he went to get him to hook him back up to the iv. At this time he had realized my little dog had passed away . I said he has a lot of major damage and trauma why would you ever put him in a big kennel to walk around and not go and check on him for that long of time ?? His reply was ( I just thought he was sleeping ) ,,,, my husband went by to talk to him and his story changed a bit and then a few hours later I called him trying to better understand why my dog was dead after he told me he was doing very good and why he would allow him to go in a big run with such major injuries and not monitor him or check on him at all ... We truely believe the caused our dogs death with negligent care .. What can I do about this ? Can anyone help me?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Dwayne B. replied 11 months ago.

Hello and thank you for contacting us. This is Dwayne B. and I’m an expert here and looking forward to assisting you today.

You will need to hire a different vet to do an autopsy and determine the cause of death before you can know what steps to take next. It could be the doctor's fault, it could be because of the attack, or it could be something else entirely (ex. an undiagnosed heart condition).

Once you know what caused the death and have a report from your expert then you will know which direction to go.

In a case like this, just as in a human medical malpractice case, the burden of proof would be on you to prove an action or omission of the vet caused the death and you need expert testimony to prove your case.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Thank you , I have been googling this and already got this same answer on another web sight for free ... He has already been cremated . I guess I will never know until I see him again in heaven.
Expert:  Dwayne B. replied 11 months ago.

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your pet. Unfortunately, an autopsy is the only way to get the proof you're going to need in this case. If it was just a complaint about cae then you could have an expert examine the records but when it involves the death then an autopsy is the only way to get the information.