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My soon to be ex and I have gone to a mediator and she drew

Customer Question

Hello my soon to be ex and I have gone to a mediator and she drew up papers and signed and i have delivered them to the courts and have our final divorce hearing August 30 2016. Is that document a legal and binding contract as of now, can my ex go back and try to change anything at the actual hearing that was agreed upon in that document? Also I am going through the process of purchasing a new home for myself/ by myself and I have placed a bid on the house and it was accepted and I have signed some papers to start the process, the bank is just starting paper work but I will not actually sign and close on the house til after my divorce is final. Now does or will my soon to be ex have any rights to this house? Our divorce is final on Aug. 30th 2016 and I will not close/sign for the new house until Sept. 14th 2016.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Sam replied 1 year ago.


This is Samuel. The ex can try to amend the documents before the hearing, yes. But if she files and amendment, you would need to be served with it and agree to it. If that happens, you answer the amendment on why you do not agree and then your divorce proceedings are pushed back to a later date until a court can hear on the issues still outstanding as prompted by an amendment and opposition of the same.

If you have not purchased the home before your divorce is final, then the spouse has no claim to it. And you are not the owner until the day of closing.