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I wish i had room on here to write all the prrof i have to

Customer Question

i wish i had room on here to write all the prrof i have to show
I am an IT specialist, i know my way around computers and networks and cables very well after 25 years :)
the events are important and i can discuss them in detail, short story ....
vendor comes to my house to only diagnose the upstairs neighbors line for possible brake (each apartment has its own cable lines coming from basement switchbox)
they find the cable to have a brake further out (they used no instrument, they simply called each other on phone to see if connection was working, no instruments) that means more work and further apartment to go to especially since they are doing this with out any instruments
the technician begins with out telling me anything or even asking me if its ok to cut my cable (disrupting my security system, surveillance camera and internet) i work from home in a startup that i need to put a lot of hours into design and research, i asked him if he was authorized by building management, the super the techs friend who was with him proceeded to call building management to get the ok, no issue really, but the tech refused to stop after several attempt to ask to stop, i but hand over receptacle and asked him to levee my house till management called, he proceeded to scratch my hand up and cut the wire.... i got up and said i was calling the police, but instead turned phone spy cam on and recorded him with out him knowing , the super took him out
i then called police,
police came and i was upstairs and somehow after 20 minutes i figured what going on, and went downstairs, only to find building management and the police officer talking amongs each other in a small group,
i was pulled to the side alone, i urged the office that the surveillance camera had the vido of =what happen and that they have only a few hours (1 or 2) of recording before they start rewriting the memory, she refused to see the surveillance, i asked her to at least see the phone video, she refused, and so did building management,
2 days later i went to pickup the police report that says that i hit and fought with this giant man (I'm short and don't work out) and pushed him out of apartment, something that the phone video clearly shows did not happen, i went back to station and they (same officer cam out to talk to me) and again refused to see video and make any amendment to report and then proceed to walk away with other officers
as well management wrote a report that more or led did the same as the office said, again they refused to see any video, but with her i have audio recordings of her actually reciting the proper events and affirming she knows what happened and even telling me she will write the changes, never happened,
i have never had anything like this happen, i do not drink, i do not take drugs, the worse one might find is speed tickets when i was younger. i am a clean person with a tone hearing impairment that makes my speech some one strange sounding, i have worked hard on it to get rid of its strangest, but i still have people call me out on what they think is some SORT of accent, I'm ok with that better than being asked if I'm mentally challenged
this is the jest of it, their is more and darker, some i can proof some are obvious, management tried to cover their rears by saying they sent a bulleting about the repairs, the incident happen at 11am the bulleting went out at 4pm (it is time stamped), they had no idea they need to come to my apartment, why send that bulletin
not sure if all this was personal or something more insidious like racism or bigotry, but i do know i been left with fear, but they where and are all white really white, and i am born and raised American but look more foreign than not, what can i di, to clear this up or more?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
What you describe is grounds to file a civil lawsuit against the super and the tech and seek damages against them for any harm their conduct caused you, including the scratch. This is a civil matter and even if the police report is not correct, you can impeach the police officer and prove the technician is lying by your video evidence. So, at this point, you need to forget about the police and you need to take your evidence that you have showing the tech lied and you need to pursue a money claim against him in civil court.
You have a case with him trespassing, committing an assault on you and causing injury and damage to your system causing your interruption in business through his negligence.