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Have problem bought a animal on line went two hours from my

Customer Question

have problem bought a animal on line went two hours from my home to see them!!! told the lady that I have very bad allergies to cats dogs they will put me hospital. The animal the lady was selling Juana micro pigs which grows around 29lbs to 40 lbs Well anyway I told here my concern she told me that she had a few people with my condition and the didn't have any problem she seemed honest.well that day I like a dumb person left her a 500.00 dollar deposit . The pig I saw was just about to have her babies then she told me she would call me when the babies were born so I could choose the one that I wanted. So around 4 weeks wondering about the little pig .she finely called and I drove another two hours.Picked the pig the one I wanted ! went home because she said they have to be weened off there mother and handled for a while to get use to humans touch. I thought that was great I did take several pictures of the little one was very pink with 15 pocka dots. Then a few weeks later I went to pick up the pig and it looked totally different. She said here you go heres your pig it looked salt and pepper in color .I had left my phone at home where I had taken several pictures so I just couldn't say anything because . So we put little guy in carrier gave her the remaining balance of 324.00 .said good by got home late put it in a baby bed that I also bought for it. cooked dinner for my family went to bed next morning held it for 4 to 5 hours .She said there like little babys well I was able to have children in my life so I was trying to find something to love other the my husband. Well that night started to feel really sick ,I told my self its all in my head. The next day did the same thing played with him little boy and held him again for hours feeling really sick know told my husband you might have to take me to hospital. I then right away texed the pig lady telling her that I am getting really sick and I have to bring the pig back so she texed me back ( sorry to here that).not sorry there is no refunds! that probably what she should of said .Well that Sunday at 8am drove 2 more hour back to give her the pig. He was great cute even though it wasn't the one but healthy. Brought her food back food tray blanket bed and pig she was nice .But I still wasn't felling right got in my car way down the road forgot to ask her about refund. So pulled over car little hard two lane roads texed her a message WHEN CAN I GET A REFUND ,AND I KNEW THERE PROBABLY IS A RESOCK FEE..MEAN WHILE I HAVE ONLY HAD THE PIG FOR TWO DAYS. She replied well Ill will have to resell it as a used pig for 600 then ill send you 300.00 .I think this is dishonest so she gets 1.100 dollars and I get 300.00 .I think she should get 20 percent and say thank you because she has a pig farm. AND on the website it never said no refunds .thank you michelle
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Sam replied 11 months ago.


This is Samuel. I am sorry to hear of this situation and I hope you are feeling better. You are correct, if there are no refunds it should have been noted on the website and any other documents you might have signed. I suggest, your recourse is to sue her in small claims court for the full amount you paid.

Expert:  Sam replied 11 months ago.

To sue in small claims you can get the forms from the clerk of the court. But you need to sue in the county where she conducts business. If you can show that she has conducted business in your county before you, you can sue in your county. The clerk can give you the forms and you can file them without the help of a local attorney.

Expert:  Sam replied 11 months ago.

And the reason you are correct on having knowledge that there are no refunds is because the state leaves refund policy entirely up to the merchant. However, if there is a no refund policy it should be stated and told to the consumer.

Expert:  Sam replied 11 months ago.

And actually here is a LINK for the information and forms for Small Claims in Alabama

Customer: replied 11 months ago.