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United States Savings Bond my dad passed away and i was

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United States Savings Bond my dad passed away and i was cleaning up his things. I wasnt very close with him so I dont know much about him. I found a 1000 United States saving Bond in his things. how do i go about checking on this ? i know nothing about saving bonds and how they work. Now the name on it is not his what are the rules of cashing these in? and or the rules of mature? any info would be helpful
Good afternoon. I will answer your question.
If your father had no probate of his estate then you must complete Treasury Form PD F 5336, but only when no court was involved with his estate.These type of bonds aren’t handled under states small estate laws. Form PD F 5336 is available in downloadable form on the Treasury Direct website. After you complet the form, take the form, the bonds, personal identification and proof of death to a bank or other financial institution, and sign the bonds and form in the presence of an authorized bank officer. After that mail everything to the Bureau of the Fiscal Service using the address given on the form. Your bonds will be redeemed and the money sent to you.
I hope this helps.
However if the name on the bond is not his, then if you have the death certificate from that person, then you can do the same steps as stated above.

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