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I was Given a verbal eviction notice, without warning, on

Customer Question

I was Given a verbal eviction notice, without warning, on July 16, 2016 at 10:30 PM and
given only 20 min. to get my things. I know this is against the law, as I am disabled, and
termnally ill as well. But these people were my friends I thought, and I never expected any thing like this from them. They asked me to come up to hillsboro oregon, to get
medical help, and I could even get my bussiness back of the ground! Thank God I didn't
bring my bussiness up when I came. I knew they would be selling their house and
business, and brought items that would help them accomplish that. I paid my rent of $350.00, for a room that was 20x12, early every month. I helped out around the house
and business. I also bought over $300.00 worth of food every month, of which they ate alot of. I also helped out financially where I could. I feel taken advantage of, used, and discarded as soon as money was becomeing tight for me. money was already tight
for them. I was respectful of everyone, and listened to everyones problems seperately.
I guess I was a councelor too! What would you recomend that I do? I have contacted
the Hillsboro police department to find out my rights, and as I knew, they were against
the law. But I also didn't want to get into a phiysical abusive situation, it was allready
verbally abusive. They had been drinking alcohol from noon, as they always do, and
were physically threatening me too. I am in end stage osteoporosis, and end stage
Lupus. this has advanced my disease tremendously. I am going to be 60 years old
next March! ANY IDEAS??? Thank you Jeffrey Griffith
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Hello Jeffrey: I am saddened to read about your situation.

Your former friends have not given you a proper notice to move out. They must give you a written notice to move out. Also, even if they did, you do not have to move out at the expiration of the notice. They must go to Court and file eviction action against you and obtain permission from the Court in order to remove you from the premises. There is no self-remedy to eviction actions in the state of Oregon. So, they cannot lock you out or throw your things out in order to force you out. They must use the Court system to accomplish the eviction action. For more information, click here. However, if the place is no longer safe for you, you need to start looking for alternate housing and move out as soon as you find one.

Best wishes,

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