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I am a retired NYPD Detective that suffered a laceration to

Customer Question

I am a retired NYPD Detective that suffered a laceration to my trigger finger. As a result I was retired with 3/4 disability because at the time I could not shoot the required active member qualifications. My ID card is stamped no firearms but I retired in good standings with no disiplinary action. I moved to CA and obtained an hr 218 carry license after passing required corse. Can I legally carry a concealed firearm.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Gerald, Esq replied 1 year ago.


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Yes you may lawfully cinceal carry your firearm in California. The laws pertaining to conceal carry and conceal carry permits are controlled by the state law in which you reside. Restrictions that may be imposed by New York are not controlling in California.

As a tangential matter, (and here I am assuming the ID card to which you refer is your retirement ID from NY), I doubt very much that your ID Card is a restriction on your gun rights, but rather an indication of the disability limitation that you have. Based on the limited facts that you provided, I can not see how the physical disability determination regarding the use of firearms can transfer over to your rights under New York law, let alone California Law. In any event New York limited determination in regard to your retirement can not control your rights under California law.

California Law on the subject is California Penal Code 26150 & 26155

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