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I'm in Bowling, Kentucky and been involved years with my

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I'm in Bowling *****, *****tucky and been involved for 10 years with my ex-wife who continually takes me back to Family Court with bogus charges, continually perjuring herself and even my attorney agrees it's obvious perjury, but I've come to find out even though when it's between me and her he's concerned with my best interest. But when it's between me and Warren County politics he refuses to do anything even going to far as to tell me I should erase my computer and get rid of everything that's been happening for over 10 years, completely disarm myself of all the facts, of course, that statement made the bells start ringing and so now I'm looking for an attorney, probably out of Tennessee who can practice in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, someone I can be assured has no interest in Warren County politics.In the meantime I'm in the process of requesting that the Warren County attorney's office pursue these perjury charges and that should they choose not to I'm requesting a letter from their office or the Warren County Sheriff's office which I can take to the Commonwealth Atty. Gen. with my DVDs of the hearings and the original arrest report where the Sheriff's Department signed under oath also perjuring themselves. The perjury is obvious, simply black-and-white.The Sheriff's office has perjured themselves, my ex-wife has perjured herself repeatedly and two judges have excepted perjured testimony, and even used it to rule against me. The most recent judge before taking his place on the bench to replace Judge Margaret Ryan Huddleston, who passed away was the senior law partner of the attorney who represented my ex-wife for a few months while her original attorney (who she is back with) was suspended from practicing law by the Kentucky bar for 180 days after being found guilty of 12 charges out of 14, by 3 different clients. So in short, what I'm saying is that my ex-wife's attorney was the junior law partner at the time of the judge who now sits on the bench and ruled against me. Conflict of interest, you reckon?I'm proceeding on my own for the time being but of course realize the prudence of acquiring competent legal counsel that, as said has no interest in Warren County, Kentucky politics.Any help be appreciated. Jerry D Adkins
Submitted: 12 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Maverick replied 12 months ago.

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