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Bought a car in Reno, NV. Signed all contracts, put down

Customer Question

Bought a car in Reno, NV. Signed all contracts, put down money, and financed the rest. All approved. Car was to be detailed and serviced before taking car. Went to get car and the dealer says they cannot sell it because it was on a trade in and the other deal fell through so they don't own the car. What are out rights? Do we own the car?
Submitted: 12 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Dwayne B. replied 12 months ago.

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Based on what you're put in the facts then no, you wouldn't own the car. The dealer can only transfer what title they had and since they never actually got the title then they can't transfer it.

This is a defense to a contract known as a "mistake of fact" and, assuming that they could prove it if you went to court, then the judge would rule in their favor.

They do have to give you back all of the money that you spent or put down on the car, they cannot charge mileage, etc.. If they want out of the contract then they have to put you back into the same position you would have been in had you never signed the papers.