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We live in Independence Missouri. My gf & her late mother

Customer Question

We live in Independence Missouri. My gf & her late mother purchased a home in '07 with both of their names on the deed. In '08-09, her mother was diagnosed with cancer. She passed on 28 Oct 13. With in 5 weeks of her passing, my gf received a post card advertisement about "Home Owners Insurance" should one of the two of them pass away. It would insure that the home was owned free and clear in the name of the remaining person free of mortgage and debt to tittle of said property. This was inappropriate and insensitive to say the least. From '07 - May of '13, my gf never missed a payment. In May of 13, she was informed by a 'Zombie Collection Agency', not to go to court, due to a credit card debt to them...SHE HAS NEVER HAD A CREDIT CARD IN OVER 20 YEARS! She told them that...they told her they would handle it for her...they did. They wiped her bank account down from $5K-$7,000.00, leaving her to owe the bank near a $1,000.00 in debt to them. She couldn't make a house payment of $780.00. Cory of Nationstar Mortgage wouldn't accept a partial payment so she could get caught up, and into the second month she was told by Stephanie of Nationstar, another "Dedicated Loan Specialist", that if she missed 3 payments in a row, she could submit paperwork for a 'Loan Remodification Program'. From Nov. 13 to Jan. 14, she faxed to Nationstar near 12 times the paperwork, 31 pages total. They misplaced it, the computer was down, she needed to fill out other information, fax machine was down, lost in the office etc. were comments made back to us regarding this application. Delays after delays until finally, the underwriters denied the app. The house was scheduled for foreclosure in Jan '15, I contacted a bankruptcy attorney for services to stop the foreclosure. Her payments to bankruptcy lawyer and trustee is over $1.500.00 to try and keep this house. Is there anything we/I can do to help this woman? Is there anything you can do to help this woman? Here is my phone number, 1(###) ###-#### ***** may be contacted 24/7/365. TY
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Ray replied 1 year ago.

Hi and welcome to JA. Ray here to help you today.

Sorry she is going through all of this.Is she still in Chapter7 or 13 bankruptcy here, some more information please.