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I have a tough times and bad experience with this small auto

Customer Question

Hello, I have a tough times and bad experience with this small auto dealers with a lots of scheme and hight than 23 % fixed interest rates which was designed by the auto sells man and the owner him self. When I understand that everything they say was change on every deal of the area that they all promised me, especially with the total amount, from the 97000 to 23000 dollars, I disagreed and told them that I was in outo fraud, the owner got mad. I call the banks and explaine all and they transfer my case elevated legal...then, he found out that and even got more mad and cancel the sale, which the bank said he have the right to do so. But, I didn't get my deposit which was the main fight for me to get my money, he said even there was no refunds but at this time, since I reach the banks and claims, he mentioned that he lost his credentials with the banks because of me, got more angry and order me to return the car which I did, and take my trade in car which he didn't gave me the title and my deposit, now wants me to sign in order to take those two things, how can I do that with my sefty???
Submitted: 12 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Sam replied 12 months ago.


This is Samuel. I suggest you can first contact the VA Attorney General and file a consumer protection complaint against him.

The AG cannot represent you, but they can investigate for fraud. Click THIS LINK for that information. If they find fraud then generally a deposit is returned. The other option for you is to skip the AG complaint and proceed with filing a small claims lawsuit and I will type that process here.

Expert:  Sam replied 12 months ago.

You can sue on your own for up to $5000. You can get the information on how to proceed AT THIS LINK and you can get the forms from the clerk of the court in the county where the dealer is located. That is where you need to file.

Expert:  Sam replied 12 months ago.

Please let me know here if you have other questions or need clarification. Otherwise a Positive rating ensures I get credit for my time.