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72 year old father in law is in jail, has skin cancer, back

Customer Question

72 year old father in law is in jail, has skin cancer, back issues and a condition with one of his legs or feet. Causes balance and lifting issues, and can barely walk.
He is forced to mop floors, work outside without a hat or sun block to protect his face and neck and arms. Needs to use a grab bar to shower, he is not allowed to use a grab bar in the shower this results in 2 to 4 people having to hold him while trying to shower.
Are there other things he can do inside that don't put his health and life at risk? why can't he use a grab bar in the shower so he can have some dignity while bathing. It could be removed after use.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Hammer O'Justice replied 1 year ago.


I'm sorry to hear about his situation. Prison facilities are supposed to make accommodations for inmates when they have medical issues, and so it is possible that there may be a way to get them to do that for him. It is sort of a close call because many of the laws relate to inmates getting adequate medical treatment, and this is more of an issue of accommodating his mobility issues, but it could arguably be a disability that the jail staff should address. You can try contacting a lawyer who handles civil cases to see if they could attempt to negotiate with the warden's office of this particular jail to make accommodations for him. Another option you have is to contact the local chapter of your state's ACLU. The ACLU frequently handles issues involving prisoner's rights, including medical care, so if they feel that his case has merit, they may be able to assist:

Hope this helps.