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Wife slipped and fell on grape on floor at Harveys Store

Customer Question

wife slipped and fell on grape on floor at Harveys Store April 30,2016. She Ok but the emergency visit and bill are unpayed and credit people calling. When ask to pay store wants a verb statement. Is this statement wise or do we need a Lawyer? no one seams to want to help her in area for legal support
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Bill Attorney replied 1 year ago.

Hello, Thank You for your question today. The more information you provide, the better service I can give you.

You mention that credit people are calling. Do you mean the hospital or the store ?

For example,Is the store accepting responsibility ?

What statement is the store asking for ?

Expert:  Bill Attorney replied 1 year ago.

Once you provide more information, I'll be able to followup with you.

Ultimately, you do not want to say or write anything to the store manager that could be detrimental to your wife's claim.

If the store is covering the medical expenses, you will need to watch for clauses that might suggest that your wife would accept such payment as full and final settlement of her claim.

Your wife could initially pay these expenses herself and later seek to recoup these, including a personal injuries action against the store for pain and suffering in relation to the fall.

Hence, should the store be liable, I would not suggest to limit the claim to solely medical expenses.

Please folllow up.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The Hospital is calling for payment. The clerk at the hospital having this experence before billed the store. They turned it down for a request for a statement of what happened. My fear is what you warned against, not being able to see the cause of signing a settlement. Do you suggest seeking local lawyer and include pain and suffering. We weren't really wanting anything but the bills settled however, the stress of not having funds and harasing calls is paying it's toll.
Expert:  Bill Attorney replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for the added information. As you know, I'm not aware of the content of the calls and correspondance between you, your wife, the store and the hospital. The hospital is entitled to pursur you for bills unless another third party, ie the store, has indicated that they are bearing the full burden and indemnifying your wife for the full expenses. As regards ***** ***** with the store, you would have to indicate that will appreciated, if they cover any bills upfront, that you reserve your right to seek further compensation and that such payment would not represent full satisfaction of any potential claim you may have against them in in a court or otherwise.
You may seek further advice from a local lawyer and should only make any decision after a full consultation with a specialist in personal injury law.
I would appreciate if you positively rated this experience with just answer today.
Expert:  Bill Attorney replied 1 year ago.
Dear Customer,
I'd like to follow up with you on your question. Do you have anything further to ask ?
I'd be happy to assist.
I hope when you are finished, you will positively rate your experience, so that I get a credit for the service.