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I was at the hairdresser that I go to all the time and I was

Customer Question

Hello I was at the hairdresser that I go to all the time and I was late so I missed my appointment I just came from work which is very close by and I was in the shop where they cut your hair and during work I had forgotten that I cut my wrist kinda bad so I was up front at the counter actually getting ready to leave and I ask the owner about these Rings if they were made what they were made of then I saw they were made out of sterling silver and gold and I became interested in them the next thing I know the owner that was helping me told me to leave the store because of the blood on my arm so she walked away and I thought about what she had said and I thought that was quite rude telling me I had blood on my arm well yes I already knew this and I told her I was getting ready to leave and then she just disappeared try a few more words I wanted to say and I asked what is the owner's name and nobody would help me out so I got in my car and went across the street because I was very low on petrol the next thing I know I was surrounded by two cops that the owner or somebody from that shop had called how's the cops and that's what they told me so they embarrass the piss out of me by making me do a sobriety test in front of everybody at freaking Arco gas station well I have diabetes so my blood sugar was low and acting as if I was drunk but I was not the cops let me go and I raise my blood sugar thought I'd give you a call and see if there's anything I can do I am so upset that I want to sue. It's been a rough day at work please respond at(###) ###-####pm
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 1 year ago.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for using our forum. My name is ***** ***** I hope to assist you today.

I am terribly sorry to learn about this situation at your hairdressers. Unfortunately, based only on what you have posted I do not see a cause of action that you could bring against the hairdresser for contacting law enforcement based upon your described presentation (you state that you were bleeding from the wrist due to a deep cut at work that had not yet healed, and were hypoglycemic possibly affecting your mood/presentation).

Contacting law enforcement is something that is strongly protected (there is a public interest in encouraging the public to call for help rather than try to deal with situations themselves and possible violent confrontations between citizens). This means that if you were to file a lawsuit against the hairdresser, they could quickly and easily defend the matter by filing what we refer to as an "Anti-SLAPP" motion (Anti-Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation) and not only have your lawsuit dismissed, but also get their attorney's fees paid for by you.

Again, I am terribly sorry to learn about this unfortunate encounter, and I am not dismissing the severity of the impact of this on you, but at the same time, I do not see a viable cause of action that you could pursue to recover damages against someone (the hairdresser or anyone else) for what occurred.

You may be able to revisit the merchant and explain the medical nature of the issue and perhaps there will be some effort to make amends (you say that you visit this merchant regularly in the past), and many people are aware of the fact that hypoglycemia is a true medical condition/emergency that causes altered mentation, and this may pave the way for a conversation regarding the disproportionate response that occurred (the police response rather than medical), but I cannot promise anything, I am simply trying to offer some potential resolution for you as I do not see a legal remedy for you based on these facts.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The wound was never bleeding and had healed 5 to 6 hours before I even showed up.I had already left her business and was waiting to get gas across the street before the cops showed up .in fact I had left with in 35 seconds she caused my blood sugar to go down by involvein the cops and also embarrassing me in front of many people I was not under the influence but she and the cops made it worse. I have a witness as to how the dumb cops treated me even with a medical ID on. Really no case she just gets away with it
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 1 year ago.

Dear Customer,

Please keep in mind, this is only a "general information forum" and what you receive here in a "Q&A" session does not substitute for a formal legal opinion from a local attorney, so if you wish to consult with a local attorney and get a formal opinion (many personal injury attorneys provide free or low cost consultations - many do screenings over the phone), you should do so.

But based only on what you are posting here, I do not see a basis for a claim, or alternatively I see strong defenses to any such claim.

Again, I am very sorry for the very real embarrassment and inconvenience that was caused to you as well as the emotional distress caused by this matter, but I do not see a legal cause of action.