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Tina, Lawyer
Category: Legal
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Experience:  JD, BBA Over 25 years legal and business experience.
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Dear TJ, How are you? I hope great! Thank you time and

Customer Question

Dear TJ,How are you? I hope great! Thank you for your time and assistance in the prior question at: completely understand, appreciate, respect, and thank you for all the details you provided previously.This new question / follow up is related to the info presented in the above link. If you take a few minutes please to review the link I provided above then all the correct light bulbs will go on in your mind as I am sure you have dealt with thousands of questions since our interaction.Now some new news. After extensive research, I have conclusive proof that "Citibank / The Trust we call blah blah blah" DIDN'T purchase the home at foreclosure. In addition, the loan WAS NEVER part of the PSA schedule. This information has been confirmed by Chase and CRC. The entire transaction was fraudulent, a scam, and down right theft of our home either by the vendors of Chase, the trustee CRC, Chase itself, others, or all of the above. However, even up to the last minute, Chase denied the problem until we provided our evidence and then it was game over.Now what? Please TAKE YOUR TIME and reply when you have the time. After your reply, I understand that we can now engage in a telephone call via Just Answer ( a feature which was not available before).Thank you very much!Take Care,Customer
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  TJ, Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Hello again.

Unfortunately, the link that you included does not open the question for me. I believe the issue is that you and I view question through different portals since you are a customer while I am not.

I can see your history with this website, however. It appears that I have answered a few different question. What is the title/subject of the question that you linked to above?