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I live in Pennsylvania. My ex girlfriend and I purchased a

Customer Question

Hi, I live in Pennsylvania. My ex girlfriend and I purchased a car and co-own it. This morning she had taken the car from me and all my possessions inside of it. When I asked her if she was the one that had taken it and didn't get a response I called the police who ended up calling her and she told them that she did take it. Completely legal. However, after the police officer informed me she had the car I sent her a message asking to set something up to retrieve my possessions. After about an hour or so with no reply I told her that I'd assume she didn't intend to give me my possessions and proceed to file a police report for theft. After I said that she said she left my possessions on her mother's front porch and I can come and get them tonight. The only problem with that is that she knows I can not drive anymore and nor do I have the ability to get a ride from any family or friends or afford a driving service to take me there basically leaving me with nothing to do about getting them back. Since she had taken the car and my property inside of the car to her residence and knowingly left me with no way to retrieve them, is it possible to either file charges for theft or file suit against her? Also, if something gets stolen or damaged would she be held liable for it since she did all of that without my permission?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Kim Courtney replied 1 year ago.

Hello, I am an attorney and am happy to assist.

She really should have just given you those items before taking the car. Now that she moved them and removed them from the vehicle, she is definitely legally responsible for your property. So you would have a law suit against her if something happens to those items. Even though she said you could come get it, she did not make it a reasonable situation. I assume she was aware of your circumstances.

So yes, you can file a police report for theft. The police will decide how and whether to proceed from there. If you wanted to file a small claims action in court without a lawyer, you could also do that. If you can prove the value of the items, she would have to pay you back for that.

But I wouldn't give up quite yet. I would try to get her to bring those items back to you. That is really her legal responsibility here.

Please let me know if you have any questions.