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I have been on most all class reunions gh School class of

Customer Question

I have been on most all class reunions for Waterford High School class of 1966. This is our 50th and the chairperson has been the same for all reunions. Last yr she appointed an individual who has never attended nor been on the committee for this year as treasure. I have requested a detailed treasures report current and also projected cost this years as it is July 16, 2016. I had suggested last yr that any monies left over be given back to Waterford High as a gift or deposited in a scholarship fund at school and no vote was taken. We have not followed Robert Rules at any meetings. Items that were voted in last summer over the course of approx 4 meetings were rescinded at the one meeting the committee had in April, when 3 members were not available to attend. There has never been a formal agenda provided and there are is not a recording secretary. The bank book is the original that was obtained from the class president who surrendered it to the chairman back in 1970 so 1971 we had a 5. At least 6 or 7 more have been organized. None have followed much structure but this issue has never been a problem until this year.
My question is may I legally poll the attending members of the class that attend this years reunion on public property Largely's Restaurant in Waterford Ct. I would write have them sign a petition that I would write and keep it simple as to yes or no that we finally close out the bank book of The Class of 1966 and submit to Waterford High School for an existing Scholarship that I know other classes have contributed to or continue but with transparency as to the content of the bank book!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Thomas Swartz replied 1 year ago.

Hello Jan,

I see no legal problem with you polling members of your reunion on public property. You have the right to ask your fellow classmate about issues that concern the reunion committe, and to submit a petition to whomever you feel it is appropriate to address your concerns. I can think or no authority that the existing chairman, treasurer, or committee would have to prevent you from simply asking members of your reunion from signing a petition.