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I live in Ct in a co-op I feel I am a victim of a scheme, I

Customer Question

I live in Ct in a co-op I feel I am a victim of a scheme, I live below an elderly couple, I moved in 2008 ' I have had complaints to the co-optonline board of this too writing complaints that someone moved in my apartment, or no cap on my dryer house going out the window, stomping on my floor etc, she dies l st year he cones down stairs knocks on my door and says you will never have trouble with me, it was her, in May he called and asked me to cone upstairs and explained how sorry he was for everything and was going to give me money and please don't do anything to prevent him from leaving the country,he is,a an American citizen. I assured him I couldn't do anything he gave me $20 thousands explaining that his partner of 40 years left him $18 million Dollars from a German leaving her a castle.he did this 3 times and claimed we were talking about him being arrested. Ihe xxx asked me to write a letter that said I will not do anything to hinder his leaving and he had so much money v said this meant nothing. These two I heard sued many people over the years. They sued the last on v the 3rd floor and took her apt away from her for supposedly making an ethnic slur . This past the police cone and tell me I am being charged with extortion from this man and went to the condo board and their lawyer is threatening to take away my apartment after a hearing July 19, I probably shouldn't have taken the money in hindsight but I never threatened him he called me several times told me he life story and said he wanted me to have the money. I m 64 and my boyfriend 70 we talked about how strange it was and felt he felt guilty for all the nasty stomping on my ceiling and writing v false accusations nonsense complaints for 8 hours I had to tiptoe around the house. This is a nightmare and he told me he drinks and take 30 or 40 mg Percocet s. So maybe he is nutty the condo lawyer I and he said that we extorted, I explained the whole story he said it didn't pass the smell test claimed co was c trying to prevent him from leaving the country,co said how he's an v American, the last police believed my story to be credible and did not arrest me and when tried to follow up he would not answer c the door. I am devastated I HONESTLY THOUGHT HE HAD SO MANY MILLION DOLLARS HE GOT THAT GIVING ME $79,000 was that he felt guilt and remorse for pain and suffering WHEN MORE I REALIZE IT V WAS CAN WELL ORCHESTRATED SCHEME. I never approached him for one penny!!!!! Now tomorrow I have to use his money to hire a good lawyer!!! I have 3/4 of his money but I have spent almost $18000 on my business and bills etc nothing frivolous. I know I can't believe it happened as I told the condo lawyer , didn't you ever hear of a multi millionaire giving away money. I guess three booze and drugs have him crazy he is 78, I would like to add my reputation and record is impeccable. I have a little antique shop
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Loren replied 1 year ago.

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