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I was going to work on the 22nd of June 10:30pm and when I

Customer Question

I was going to work on the 22nd of June 10:30pm and when I walk outside my home my car is hooked up to a tow truck not a flat bed regular tow truck I immediately notice this is the same tow truck and man from like four nights prior who chased me out of my complex and down weber road at like 80 miles per hour until I turned off so I ask him what he's doing why do you have my car hooked up he says you know why it's up for repo you knew that when you ran from me the other days you ain't running this time I've got it now so I instantly objected to the validity of my car being up for repo and me running from him I tell him repeatedly I wasn't running from you becauseyou were going to take my car I didn't even know you were in the complex for me you speed up behind me really fast and I didn't know who you were I tried to get away from you you're a psycho and my car is not open for repossession your information is not correct it was however it's not as of now I've paid what I needed to pay and setup something with my finance company and that repo was placed on hold please put my car down you're going to make me loose my job I have four kids oh no it's to late once I've hooked it up its out of my hands I began crying asking him to see some papers that say this asked him where the reposession ticket was and he said his computer is down he can't pull it up I said well you're not taking my car I don't know who you are who you work for your name anything you don't have any paperwork you're just a man with a tow truck and incorrect and old information trying to take my car put my car down now or I'm calling romeoville police department then he lied to my face blaently so that I wouldn't call the police and said there is no need to call the police I've already contacted them and advised them of the repo and showed them and had them sign the repo ticket allowing me to take the vehicle and that's why it's to late for me to put it down once I've contacted the police and hooked up the car I just cried objected to the validity of the repo told him I'm gonna get fired etc I then asked if I could get my medication out my car and I unlocked my car doors with the remote he got on the phone with someone after a two sec conversation yelled for me to give him my keys and then I could get my stuff out the car I said no he put the tow truck in drive speed off and yelled out the window it's my car now then take it up with your finance company tomorrow. I then called my job went in the house looked up repo rules etc saw that he breached the piece and was supposed to put my car down the moment I objected which made the tow illegal then I read all the other laws my car was supposed to go immediately from my house with valid repo ticket from the commission to a secured lot so at this point that's when I decide to track my car with onstar so I would know where it was when I went to raise hell in the morning and upon doing so I unraveled a the next part of my story.
This tow truck man with my cars back wheels being dragged by the tow truck took my car at 10:30 pm from romeoville and from 10:30-7:00am drove to Naperville then to Plainfield back to Naperville to Lockport to lemont back to Naperville then back to Plainfield to Bolingbrook drove through Bolingbrook then went to Westmont to willowbrook then got on 55n and drove my car to Chicago to the secured lot. So when I was onstar locating my car and seeing all of this I was lost as to what he was doing why he was doing this where he was going and saying to my brother I'm saving all this because this can't be legal you can't tell me it's legal for a tow truck driver repo or not to be able to drive around dragging your car on their truck like this what if something happens they supposed to take it to the tow yard so then that's when I decided to call a random tow truck company and inquire with them in a round about way and ask too if I would go to jail if I happened to gain possession back of my car prior to it getting to the repo yard so after they gave me the information I needed and more info to raise red flags for me to let me know what was going on was illegal as ever I said let me call romeoville police to see if this man is legit and really did report the repo to them and an officer signed a repo ticket I called the police department asked if there was a repo filed with them did they have anything to the nature of this they said no and that's when I made the decision to file a police report for my vechicle basically being stolen and I also tracked my car to its location went in the gate got in my car and left and drove my car back home this is now 7:30am on June 23rd Thursday I had 1,600$ cash in the radio of my vehicle that was not there when I got into my car extremely pissed there are dents in my vehicle and a nail stuck in my tire that caused a slow leak that I now have to fix more money I'm out because this man stole my car drove off with it unlocked and no one had any papers to do it so on Saturday June 24th I decide to call the tow yard that I took my vehicle back from to gain information on the exact name of the man that came to my home stole my car and dropped it at their tow yard then asked them where my car was because no one had even call me yet to ask me if I came and took my car or to let me know my car had been stolen she said she didn't know but they had the people who took it on camera etc I then got the info to the name of the repo company that rents the lot at their tow yard who brought my car there he ends up calling me on Sunday telling me how he's willing to work with me to resolve this so I don't get in trouble for taking the car etc etc ask me what I wanted to do did I want to make a payment and get the loan reinstated what have you so I allowed him to speak then asked can I talk he said yes and I ran it all down to him told him step by step how it was illegal from the blaent breach of piece from the driver that didn't put my car down when I objected to the tow and told him there was no open repo to the intentional lie of the police being notified already to prevent me from calling not contacting romeoville police to report the repo and having a reposession ticket from the commission signed by a romeoville police officer with the date of 6/22/16 and time of 10:30 pm to then dragging my vechicle back n fourth from here to there I stopped and said do I need to continue to advise you of how it was illegal said further more what makes you assume that I have my car I never told you I have my car nor do I care who or what you have on tape you don't even know me or what I look like so why you would assume it was me never contact me or the police to report my vehicle stolen is another issue however you don't have to report it stolen because I've already done that after your driver stole it from my home so no I won't reinstate anything with you because there is nothing to reinstate the repo was not valid or open it was on hold the only thing I want from you is the name of that driver that came to my house and stole my car so I can press charges he said he was at church and he would call me back all the papers were at the office never called I called on Monday he said he was swamped with calls its 4:30 we close soon and I have to get my kid by 5:00 I'll get back to you he never called and here we are now on Wednesday I called and he had the receptionist ask if he could call me later I told her my attorney will be in touch can you help or do I not have a case
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Alex J. Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Hello. My name is Alex.
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