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Autisic/Schioid effective 34yr old diagnosed at 16y had 1st

Customer Question

Autisic/Schioid effective 34yr old diagnosed at 16y had 1st psychotic break since then many hospitalization and as frequent Jail time. Now homeless, dangerously ill and
crying.out for help.
He is Part of California's Mental Health System and East Bay Regional System's Northern CA Developmentally delayed program.
State nor County nor City are able to serve young man with complete
comprehensive services to meet his needs, in fact by law prohibited from doing so and do not have programs to meet so large a need.
His severe Mental health problems and Autistic issues keep him from being safe and the only way he tries to cope has becoming an over the top frequent flyer. Jail only exacerbates the situation and we have been dealing with this for over 10 years. All of the systems
he belongs to are in agreement he needs long term care and proper programs to gain entry into being a part of the community.
Where and with whom may we get good legal advice . Help!!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Legalease replied 1 year ago.

Hello there --


My own sister has much the same issues here in MA and after a period of homelessness, the Dept of Mental Health stepped in and took medical custody of her in court and then had her hospitalized for a comprehensive evaluation and then placed her in a group home. However, they only did this after her mother died and we as her brothers and sisters insisted that she is violent and we could not care for her. I am surprised that the CA Mental Health system does not do the same thing with this young man but if there are family members constantly taking him in, then they will not step up to the plate and do what they should be doing for him. I know it sounds harsh but we literally had to let her go homeless for several months and at the same time we kept calling the Dept of Mental Health and our senators and Congressman's offices to complain about the lack of services for her until they finally worked to help her, You can certainly get an attorney to try to sue the Dept of Mental Health if you can afford to do so -- you would need one who handled nothing but social services and mental health issues in your area. To find one, you should contact your local county bar association and ask them for referrals to several lawyers in your area who handle these types of cases exclusively (you can find them online by doing a search). They should give you several names. At the same time, you should contact your state Dept of Mental Health in Sacramento and complain, and complain to your congressmen and women and your senators to the CA statehouse. The squeeky wheel in these cases always gets the grease and the longer and louder you complain on his behalf the more likely it is that he will receive services.

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