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To Leonard Danquah PROPERTY MANAGER 6/2/2015 And assistant

Customer Question

To Leonard Danquah PROPERTY MANAGER 6/2/2015
And assistant manager Bridgett Quinn ***** apt 1a
My mother ***** ***** is her maiden name, 0she already had this apartment, but she got it under Hodges her third married name. I was put on the lease in 1998, after foster care. when Bridget Quinn was head manager, in my date of birth 11/13/1981 under my dead father’s s.s#/***-**-****. so check follow me, then I applied for s.s.d I was born with scoliosis-a curved spine- not what put me in a wheelchair. In 2001 I was beaten with a gun inside this apartment it damaged my brain, i was diagnosed with Frederic ataxia an irreversible movement disorder. finally in 2002 I started to receive s.s.d but my s.s.d, benefit’s also come to me under my dead father’s s.s# ***** government paid benefit is called adult to child care from my father. So I applied for a handicapped apartment, in 2003 I had spinal correction surgery, they did send me home with a home attendant he felt I needed my own place, so I called to ask and still they blamed it on the mail until 2005, when my mother finally got a divorce. Then without asking me, because I was an adult over 18 and she knew I applied for a handicapped apartment, but still she changed the name to the head of lease to carcioppolo but she is not a carcioppolo, i am. When she got remarried she gave up the right to my name, - that’s why n.y.c.h.a took off me the lease 5 year’s ago and I’m still here 1 I’m disabled 2 this apartment is in my carcioppolo name- [ but 2004 that was the last allowed inspection on this apartment by carol, because she knows this apartment would not and still will not pass a random inspection,- reason’s it’s dirty every day, the dogs, the activity in the apartment and then they know what you’re doing to me- which is not legal n.y.c.h.a has health code’s to follow ] also that was the year my home attendant left because it’s a bad environment and he felt he was unsafe, it’s still a bad environment 5 police raids and still too much activity. She also receives s.s.i in my father’s name but she is not a real carcioppolo, I am. [ her income is more than rent-that’s why she fails to prove her income and it shows she was married to my father, but death did them part ][ she is the delinquent one ] you had no right taking me off the lease in the first place I am the carcioppolo not carol, the only reason I don’t pay rent is because I am a disabled man, and have been for the last 15 years but for the last twelve years i was not aloud to have a home attendant – something that I have right to because I receive s.s.d. sign me the apartment that rightfully should be mine, I’ll fix your bad environment.. I can fully cover the rent then I can get the home attendant that I need, be smart my speech is making it hard for me to get a lawyer and sue you but I wont stop I will get a lawyer and in court you are not winning then your just giving me money do whats best for business.
James carcioppolo Aug.. 7 2015
I saw the social worker at s.i.u.h and trying to help me get an apartment and since this apartment is in my father’s last name carcioppolo. she called the management office here they said Leonard danquah was on vacation, Bridget Quinn now assistant manager told the social worker that I don’t live where I live February 2 2016
SO in September 2015 I applied online in my father's s.s# ***** in October 2015 I received a letter from your office to***** Apt1a, but i don't live here said your management team. saying I was eligible for a handicapped apartment.. the application date was 9/28/2015 and the case# ***** but when I called to get an interview, I explained and the response was no we closed your case in 2013, but you closed my case because you made a mistake.
February 9 2016
there was an inspection today said ***** ***** , the in-poster head of household here, she said Leonard danquah said it part of your management team, that never happened again, that's how they can say I don't live here. Identity theft is illegal, and n.y.c.h.a keep's helping her to get away it.
April 2015 legal aid on bay st. in Staten island new York
they said they can't help me, because a legal aid housing lawyer helping her keep the apartment, but ***** ***** and Christopher ostraski have destroyed the quality of living in south beach housing in the carcioppolo name. I won't let you or her get away with this, let my father r.i.p n.y.c.h.a is not above the law, I saved the money to pay a ,lawyer.
Febuary 16 2o16
***** Apt 1a was raided by police for the 6th time, but i could
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  TJ, Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Hello and thank you for the opportunity to assist you. My name is ***** ***** I'll be glad to help if I can. Do you have any specific questions? I just want to make sure that I understand what legal information you are seeking. Thank you.