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I received the message on my question about driving a golf

Customer Question

I received the message on my question about driving a golf cart on Oregon Road on the statue was 820.210 and I talked a police officer which is looking for me because I was driving on the road but I wasn't on the road at that time and he said that if he catches babe we would give me a ticket what are my rights
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Legalease replied 1 year ago.

Hello there -


The police officer would have to issue you a ticket which you can challenge in court and let the court know that you were never on the road at the time that the police officer is claiming you were on the regular road with the golf cart. In court, if it is just your word against the word of the police officer, the ticket is likely to be dismissed unless he can come up with at least one other witness that claims that they saw you on the road at a specific date and time (the witness would complain to the police officer and then the police officer would start looking for you on the road and if he could not find you then you might end up getting a ticket in the mail if the police officer believes the witness and/or the police officer saw you himself). If you have solid proof that you were somewhere else (such as a store and you have a receipt or a doctor appt) at the time that the police and / or witness claim to have seen you on the road then that is even better and you should bring any such proof with you to court in order to make the challenge against any ticket or action that the police might take against you for these matters. You always have the legal right to appeal any ticket issued into a court of law and present your own side of the case to the judge.


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