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Thank you to this mess! I was the tenant in a home in West

Customer Question

Thank you for listening to this mess! I was the tenant in a home in West Hollywood.
I told the Landlord in advance BEFORE RENTING HIS HOME FOR 7K--the only way I could rent from him is I would be allowed to have friends and guests stay with me in the home from time to time to supplement income as the house was 7k a month. In order to close the deal he said yes, sure fine... "The house is perfect for entertaining" Then 7 months in he says he's getting complaints from the neighbors, as I had a few parties, (He rented it to me by saying it's the best house for entertaining as the property is mostly all decks and outdoor space, the house itself is a small modern two bedroom two bath so you are basically paying that high premium for outdoor space. I hosted my friends wedding party, etc... Never disrespecting the property, I always used housekeeping in fact I have photos the house looks better when i left it. He asked me if i wouldn't mind leaving my lease early he added an addendum that he will not come after me for the rest of the contracted rent--then at the end yesterday the 15th (obviously to keep my 14k security deposit, he comes over on my move out day screaming at me, threatening me... I stood there calmly... he said "you had a friend of yours renting the house on airbnb" shouting in my face... i was afraid he was going to punch me. I stayed calm, and told him he agreed in the beginning that I would be allowed to have "friends and guests" he said "i had no idea the neighbors were going to be so pissed off" etc... through yelling. I had everything out (it's a big house) except for my thing 's in the garage--things the movers couldn't take during the big move yesterday boxes etc.... I told him I would get the last of it out in the morning. My guys showed up at 930am to move my things and he already had someone come through and take away my VALUABLE things and trash them. He won't say where he sent them what "dump site" there was a box with my cartier watch from my dying father, there was a lot of furniture.. at least 20k in stuff. He pretended I could use the morning to finish up, then he went and sent someone to remove my property. Now he says he's going to take ME to small claims court because there was cigarette butts in the yard (my gardener who I paid showed up AFTER he arrived in the morning) So that was the only part that wasn't MINT perfect yet. I totally took care of that house paid a guy 1200$ to finish the wood floors (ON MY DIME, hired a painter) he's going to try and justify keeping my 14k deposit after he asked me to leave the lease early and seemed grateful for it. He says he will use my friends airbnb page to show that I was unlawfully having people stay with me. I'm not sure what to do. Sorry for my poor grammar at the moment I'm shaking... Should I make a police report today? I think I should call the police but it puts me face to face with this scary guy! He's leaving me very alarming threatening texts. I have finally blocked his number. Thanks any and all advice would greatly help! Gina(###) ###-####
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Richard replied 1 year ago.

Hi Gina. My name is ***** ***** I will be helping you today! It will take me just a few minutes to type a response to your question. Thanks for your patience!

Expert:  Richard replied 1 year ago.

Your landlord has no valid cause of action against you. In fact, it's you who has the claim as he had no legal right to take any of your property. So, if he doesn't either give you your deposit back in full and he doesn't either return your personal property or pay you for it if he threw it away, you should be the one filing the suit. And, you should let him know if forced to file the suit, you will be not only seeking the above amounts, but you will also be asking the court to award additional punitive damages due to the landlord withholding your money in bad faith. Also, let him know if he files any negative credit report against you, you will be adding a cause of action for defamation. Your landlord may be trying to intimdate you, but he has no legal basis for his threats. And, if they continue, contact the district attorney's office and file a criminal harassment charge against him.

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