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My son's case in Fayetteville has gone Federal and he has

Customer Question

My son's case in Fayetteville has gone Federal and he has been indicted fortwith, now his public defender which has refused to do any type of help or release any information to me or his mother per his request is now a prosecutor in the midst of the case before true, and no means do I know the word of the law like I said in this case I've studied and read all I can and from what I understand this is not a good situation to be in for a first-time offender. If you could please help me in any way possible I would surely appreciate any input you can give me, my son has made the hugest mistake of his life but I don't believe he should get the 30 years they are trying to give him. Though I assure you he will pay for his crime I don't think it should be with his life. Godspeed thank you Richard Rosenberg
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 1 year ago.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for using our forum. My name is ***** ***** I hope to assist you today.

The best (ideal) thing for your son would be to go out and retain a criminal defense attorney for him privately. Find one that specializes in federal court work (as opposed to state court/county court - there is a difference and while you may find a lawyer that (honestly) says they are licensed in both, you want an attorney that specializes in federal criminal defense.

Short of that, your son needs a criminal defender - contact your local "Federal Defender's Office" (the public defender for federal defendants). Advise them that your son is facing federal charges now and that he is as of now unrepresented and needs assistance.
Understand that there are very significant reasons why an attorney cannot speak with you or his mother regarding his case (attorney/client confidentiality is broken when you start talking to third parties, unless you can demonstrate that there is a critical reason (emotional/moral support is not a good reason) for the third party to be involved in the conversation, you can lose that confidentiality which can lead to a break in the evidentiary "attorney/client privilege")

But your son is still entitled to be represented by an attorney.

His prior public defender should not be working actively on his case in the prosecutor's office. This is a "conflict of interest" and it could result in his entire case being dismissed. (Please do not get overly optimistic about this potential result, just know that this is a significant issue, and his attorney will be able to handle this appropriately in pre-trial proceedings/motions).

You can find local attorneys using the State and local Bar Association directories, or private directories such as;; or (I personally find to be the most user friendly).