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I was visiting a local hotel pool party Day weekend on

Customer Question

I was visiting a local hotel pool party for Memorial Day weekend on Monday with my girlfriend. I was drinking and only had around 6 beers and some vodka mixed drink. There was an argument that broke out and me and my girldfriend were in process of being escorted out of casino. What turned into 2 security guards on our way out turned into 6. At this point im irritated we payed a lot of money to get in that place and now we are being tossed out. We are escorted to parking garage and we vallet the car. My girlfriend states that and they tell me to wait where im at while she gets the car. I remember next a period of time goes by she hasnt returned yet so. During this time im arguing with security and state Im just trying to leave let me leave. As i start to head down an escalator which looked like an exit 4 of these thugs restrain me. My first reaction is put my hands up and scream dont touch me. They continued to drop me to the dirty street in parking garage and I hit my head hard. I wasnt resisting im sure we can get camera footage to for proof. This scared me and i went into a panic attack which i get three or four times a year in stressfull situations.. when my girlfriend finally came back with the car i was in a state of fear and panic I couldnt move or doing anything but lay there and sob until my attack had resided. They had call ambulance and told my girlfriend its to late i have to go to hospital now. Next thing i remember is im being loaded onto a stretcher and my nerves calm down. I sat up in stretcher and said i refuse any kind of medical i just need to breathe. They slammed the doors in the ambulance and started to hospital. I now am calm and can have a conversation and i am telling one emt hey i freaked out they slammed me and fine. They did not try to make an attempt to build a good repport. Instead one emt started saying hes going to take me blood. I quickly refuse and say no. I do not want my blood taken, his partner says hey he refused we cant take his blood. The other guy said im taking it anyways. This sent me into another panic. Whats going on why is no one listening to me. I start screaming i refuse and at this point its unclear if a sedative was used but my blood was drawn. When i arrived at hospital i was telling everyone who came in contact with me i refuse medical and i refuse to have my blood taken. I wasnt involved an a accident or truama and i wasnt driving. I stated over and over and over again release me i decline all medical and do not draw my blood. At this point i started to panic again and realize no one is listening to me. Now they roll me into a smaller room out of the hallway theres 4 people in the room with me and about 5 others standing just outside of the door. In my most coolest calmest collective voice i say hey guys listen. I am refusing any medical attention and i refuse to have my blood drawn. One guy standing from the door asked me over everyone else whos the president whats my name and what month is it. I answered. At that point a man grabbed my right arm and said he needs my blood. I said no and grabbed his arm to stop his needle with my left arm and its at this point i think they stabbed me and sedated me. I cant remember what happened but when i woke up i was in a gown on the table and had leg and arm restraints. There was guy helping me he was the only nice one got me a blanket when i was cold. I awoke groggy with an iv in my arm and needle marks on my left hand top, left forearm, right shoulder, and iv was in right forearm. My girlfriend had called hospital to come pick me right away they told her i was sleeping and couldnt leave. When i woke up sometime later they rolled me out the ER and in a room upstairs room 210b. Again everyone i came acrossed to told i refuse and i wantes to leave. Yes i admit to drinking 6 beers and vodka but i was no where near the point of being unable to get up and leave on my own will until they sedated me.. later i found out they took my blood and said my alcohol level was high. I distinctly remember going thru my panic attack but once i arrived i was calm enough to hold a consversation the nurses. They still subjected me to this and yes there where some who couldve and probably now shouldve stopped what was going on. First the paramedic who knew the other taking my blood against my will didnt help. Second the nurse in the door way asking me questions to see if i was aware of whats going on. Anways i kept asking why i cant leave. I fell asleep again from them sedating me earlier. When the doctor finaly came in at 9am the next morning i told him my story and he said im free to they couldnt keep me there if i didnt want to be there, and he tried to explain why his staff did what they did, you cant jusitify what happened it was wrong and illegal. Now im stuck going to pay for ambulance and hospital. And i feel scared to ever go to hospital if the situation arises i need to actually go. I dont trust them anyway more. And i emotional hurt from the emt who drew my blood when i refused. And the nurse who took it again in the hospital. Is there something i can do ? Can I file a lawsuit? I live NV and im pretty sure i can refuse medical whenever i want?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Sam replied 1 year ago.

Hello Anthony

I am sorry to hear of this traumatic experience. You are correct. Under NV statute 449.720 you have the right to refuse treatment as long as you can show that you were of sound mind to understand any consequences of such refusal.

I suggest you should consider at least consulting with a local attorney and that you can use the NV Bar Association for a legal referral service. ***-***-**** or call toll free 800-789-LRIS (5747) between the hours of 8:30am and 5:00pm

Expert:  Sam replied 1 year ago.

You also can discuss a possible suit against the casino if the security caused injury to you when you were slammed to the ground - It is something a local attorney would be able to fully evaluate as to whether they were excessive.