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I had a patient come to my clinic tooth extraction, he was

Customer Question

I had a patient come to my clinic for a tooth extraction, he was asked to pay at the front which is the standard operating procedure at the clinic. The patient got angry and left. He wrote a letter to me stating the following: Dr Stettler,my name is***** wife and I came to your office on 05/13/2016 for an extraction,but was told by your staff that i could not have the surgery until i paid $579.90.I questioned why.Your staff said the reason was because after surgery i would be exiting a rear door instead of exiting the lobby front door,saying they wanted to make sure the bill was paid before i left.Mr Stettler i'm not a criminal nor a dead beat patient.Please train your staff on customer interaction and on how to communicate company policy,so patients clearly know what is expected of them when they come to you for service.
Letecia my front office manager responded:
I appreciate your feedback and will share it with the front office staff. I believe it would be best if you no longer continue as a patient in our office, and we will will discontinue your current treatment plan effective immediately. If you would like your records sent to another office please let us know and we will transfer them.
She came to the office and we discussed the situation, he said about it was because of race he was told to leave through the back door.
My response was to him that all patients exit the back door after surgery because it is close to the parking lot and cars pull next to the door. No one exists the front door after surgery.
Two all procedures are paid up front just like at the Kaiser hospital before the procedures. It is not a matter of race.
Mr. Cain then wrote again the following:
mr stettler, you and the people you employ are RACIST.As CEO,the employees will follow your ideology. You are greedy and distrustful,especially when it is people of color.ARE you ready? prick
You state the following.
1. That you could not have the surgery until you paid 579.9
2. That you questioned why.
3. You stated the answer you got was because you will be exiting the rear door, and not the front, and they wanted the bill paid before you left.
4. That you are not a criminal or dead beat patient.
5. That it is not made clear what is expected of the patients.
1. It is true we collect payment when patient arrive to the clinic for treatment. This is a matter of policy.
2. My answer to you is it is a matter of policy.
3. It is true after procedures that the patients exit the rear door. I find it more convenient for patients as it is much closer to the parking lot, and the cars can be pulled very close to the rear door.
4. I don’t personally question the integrity of my patients, and I do apologize if that is what you felt, or anyone in my clinic made you feel that way.
5. The treatment plan that is signed has on it that payment is expected for copays on the day of the procedure. Also we have a sign posted at the front desk with the same instructions.
I did talk to Leticia today as the goal is patient comfort, and to make a more relaxed environment for all those involved. I told her that all operations including collection procedures, and the way we do consents should be stated as they are, not some explanation, just state policy. We also discussed, and went over sensitivity training. I take your comments about feeling singled out about race extremely seriously, and described the situation to her from your point of view.
I do believe the trust between us is broken, but I do wish you the best in your treatment and in life in general, but maybe this is a little more eloquent than the way I tried to state it in our meeting today; dentistry is a personalized service, a good rapport between dentist and patient is of paramount importance. That means doctor, and patient.
As you decided today my office will no longer be treating you, but for the next 45 days, or you find another surgeon sooner we will see you for emergency care as it relates to oral surgery. You still need to continue to see your general dentist for care.
Randall W. Stettler, D.D.S.
Diplomate, Board of
Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
This was sent him in writing.
Mr. Cain now wrote on Yelp avoid dr stettler he is distrustful to people of color and is a nazi .
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Ray replied 1 year ago.

Hi and welcome to JA. Ray here to help y0u .

I would consider having your lawyer send a defamation letter with cease and desist language.You have right here to sue for defamation you are not a Nazi this is defaming and injures your professional reputation.You have the right here to pursue this through the courts. I do not see that you did anything wrong and thi is certainly defaming and you have recourse through the courts here.

I appreciate the chance to help you today, sorry you have had to go through this.

Expert:  Ray replied 1 year ago.

The Nazi reference falls under defamation per se here..

Defamation is the inclusive term, including both slander and libel. In other words libel and slander are both defamation, but libel is printed and slander is spoken. Defamation occurs when someone makes a false, unprivileged statement about someone to a third party, which attacks the person's professional character or standing, claims that an unmarried person is unchaste, claims the person has a sexually transmitted disease, or that the person has committed a crime of moral turpitude. Stated another way, to constitute defamation the statement must falsely accuse the plaintiff of immoral, illegal or unethical conduct. Generally, the statement must harm the reputation of the person, but in the case of per se defamation, damages will be presumed. T