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I have a question regarding my pet dog, he was a 10 month

Customer Question

I have a question regarding my pet dog, he was a 10 month old American bulldog mixed. He did not bite anyone This was his first citation or any trouble. It was written for vicious animal.. When I went to court city attorney states that he was to be euthanized in 48hr. I asked why he couldn't be rehomed he was only 9 mths. The lady( C.A )said it didn't matter n judge said nothing. Was told to come back to court, At this time I received doctors note stating the dog was emotional support for depression n anxiety disorder. She the. (C.A) wouldn't even read it handed it back to me. N my pet was put down.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  AttyHeather replied 1 year ago.
I'm Heather, an attorney, and would like to assist you for informational purposes. What a devistating situation for you! It sounds like by the time you went to court the second time, the judge had already made the order to put the dog down. Also, the reason that they did not want to review the letter could be that the letter from the doctor was hearsay. Technically, letters are not supposed to be considered in court as evidence, because the opposing attorney cannot ask the doctor questions about statements made in the letter, because the doctor is not there (which is why the letter is hearsay and not allowed). I am terribly sorry for your loss. What a hard situation.