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65 lawyers on ***** ***** site are part of the US security

Customer Question

65 lawyers on ***** ***** site are part of the US security fraud and are dishonest now whittled downs to 31 after I began exposing people as I and others have all the names,people etc.even to the federal government!!!- I love my country and those people I gave worked with mentored their children into young adults and I gate what greed,unethical ,immoral behaviour is doing to our country,citizens and culture while our young people are fighting for our liberties and our values overseas risking absolutely everything and our home defenders are peeing on eceryone filling their own pockets? I am disabled for being an ER nurse helping save a ignored dying black elderly women because her nurse ignored her while playing a video game and we were so busy with a six hour wait ,totally full and overcapacity with 3 call outs and 2 on vacation during the height of vacation season. I came in off of an recent injury to assist but this was skating on ice only as every hospital rerouted patients to our community hospital !!! I still worked hurt and with a bleed in my head until I could not stand up!!! What happened in 2 hospitals was abuse to me a massive bleed and sent home after subduralb hematoma surgery doubled over in severe pain with an icb or then a worse intracranial bleed,bowel perforation,abcess on my liver,a perforated septic gall bladder,bedsores,a 107 degree fever and in 48 hrs I returned for major emergency surgeries after losing 3 /4's of all my blood volume with a intracranial bleed ,upper and lower G. I. BLEED,A SEPTIC TOXIC Gall bladder and stones etc etc
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Legalease replied 1 year ago.
Hello there ---I am sorry to hear about all of this -- it definitely seems like you have had a very hard time of it lately with a hospital and your doctors. HOwever, it does not seem like you actually asked a legal question in the summary of your facts that you wrote above. Can you tell me what your legal question is here so that I can assist you further with your question and issues ?-MARY