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I've gone and talked to a lawyer about this case already he

Customer Question

HI I've gone and talked to a lawyer about this case already he told me I had a good case and to talk to someone like u .so I rented a Lil house behind a house and there is so much to put down first off its illegal he didn't get a permit to build it so city contacted me and told me I had to move or I would get fined this landlord always asked for cash for rent I have proof I rented and only 2 or 3 recites he over charged me for bills I had no single metor he was over charging me for electric garbage he lied to the neibor the city about who I was he told them I was his mother in law he sawed my mailbox off so city wouldn't keep fining him he's a pathological lier I also fell down the stairs cause they where so loose u could rock on them very very strap hurt myself bad now I have pictures of everything I have witeses I have everything u would need again I talked to a lawyer already he couldn't take my case cause he had to many cases he said I had 2 yrs to file all this stuff there's so much more this happened last August I need someone's help asap oh I also have him down trying to bribe me I'm a disabled 54 yr old women I am now homeless do to this he didn't give me y deposit I lost my two y whole life y baby's my two little dogs one went thru hell cause I had to pay someone to dog sit they thru him out on the street he was choked beet hungry he got kennel cough it was herific my dogs a little tiny terrier and ***** ***** that had to b put down but I've had that dog at 4 weeks I've lost everything again I'm on disability I can't go to legal aid they won't take it its to complex I don't und r stand can anyone mayb call me tomorrow so we can discuss it his I live in portland or I can come in please someone help I want my money back and damages ad I want my dogs edixal bills paid and I eat his balls in my has oh he also snuck someone eles there to live he's renting to
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.
I am sorry to read about your difficulties. Yes, you can go to legal aid for assistance with your case. Legal aid has Attorneys who can handle this type of a case for you. If you were injured in this illegal premises and your "dogs went through hell," the Landlord must be held responsible for your injuries and your damages. This site does not provide legal representation. Also, the Landlord is not entitled to rent on an illegal unit. So, any rent that you paid must be reimbursed to you. You need to contact Oregon legal aid for assistance, or try a local Attorney who handles Landlord-Tenant and premise liabilities to assist you with the case. You can use the following sites to find local Attorneys: Best wishes, Kindly give a positive rating to my response so that I can receive credit for responding to your post. There is no additional cost to you for doing this. Thank you for your cooperation.