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My family found out we had unclaimed money in the State of

Customer Question

My family found out we had unclaimed money in the State of Texas. From Our Great Grandfather. Oil and Gas monies. My brother filled paper work. We were told we had to get a Texas order of Heirship. Which we did. This satisfied the State of Texas and they sent out checks to five of our families. Now the State of Texas has stated that other heirs have stepped forward. They want us to pay back the monies. Problem is many of the families have spent the money. Three of the families can not afford to send money back. They have not billed us. Many of us live outside of the State of Texas. Is this legal? They stated that they had a team that worked on the case and we were entitled to the checks. If we have to pay this amount back? Will the State Texas send a bill? We have paid taxes on the money they sent.How will that work? Will they accept payments? So many questions and I live in California too far away to get answers. Thank you for your Time!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Irwin Law replied 1 year ago.
The facts that you present are not clear as to why Texas claims refunds from some of the heirs who received money but not you. If you cannot get good answers from the state of Texas, the only thing I can tell you is that unless and until you receive a demand letter you don't owe the state of Texas anything. I also doubt that there is anything you can do to assist the other families who have already spent the money they received. The state of Texas will probably adjust everyone's future royalty income to compensate the people who got overlooked in the earlier distributions. But until such action occurs, there's nothing you can do about this situation.Please don't forget to enter a rating by clicking on one of the five boxes at the top of this reply. We are not employees of Just Answer, and only receive credit for assisting you when the rating is positive.