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I have a problem. I have no idea even where to begin? its on

Customer Question

I have a problem. I have no idea even where to begin? its on a personal loan
given to a friend.who was in lots of trouble for being an habitual offender driving without a license. I felt obligated because the other parties
mother kept insisting she needed my help.and my mother always taught us when a friend in need is a friend indeed unfortunately not every one was those same kind of morals.
I want to go to small claims.I call and I am just giving instructions on how to
file. and have correct copies to file .what irritates me the most is that he
has a sheriffs officer that is his sister and she is coaching him in what to do.
her advice to him was I could take to court but I can not make him pay for anything he
could not afford. our agreement was he was to pay me back as soon as possible.however he has a car financed in his brother's name that he is paying for.he was to let it go.if worse case scenario he could not find a job right away.and I said to him 'I would hate to have to take you to small claims if you ever decided to cheat you way out of this'.and his mother also said she would help him pay me back if she needed was his sheriffs officer sister who told him there was not anything I could do.and he should keep his car and continue his payments. I know this because my so called best Friend could never keep the truth from question is do I have a chance in court
when his sister seems to have inside connections.that it is so certain there is nothing I can do? everything was a verbal agreement however everything is a paper trail.what ever I paid for was done by check or credit card.even the lawyer he hired. knew of our agreement .because his lawyer asked
what was our relationship.and it was stated we were just friends of 10 years and this was just a loan..we use to be best of friends.this is why I never thought it would be a problem..please advise.. Thank you.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  LegalKnowledge replied 1 year ago.
I am sorry to hear about this. Can you please clarify what your question or concern is?