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I was divorced in 2004 after a 25 yr marriage. I worked some

Customer Question

I was divorced in 2004 after a 25 yr marriage. I worked some before we married&a bit(part-time) during the marriage. We had 3 children. I am now remarried. I am now on ss disability since 2009 but was found to had been eligible since 2006 so was retroactively paid back. My question is I've always wondered why my ss disability check is so small. I did sign off for any rts to a business my husband ran as part of our divorce settlement. I had thought taxes that he had paid included me. I thought I was part owner as his wife. I accidently found out he had silent partners. I also was very naive because I allowed my divorce attorney to take me to a different empty room with a different judge to sign my divorce papers. My attorney, Mr Hirsch, supposedly retired afterwards. So, shouldn't the taxes paid by my husband back then have included me& given me a larger check now? It's been so long I'm embarrassed to even be asking. I get 450.00 per month. I sure wish I stuck up for myself at least when Mr Hirsch came up to me and whispered what was my bday, then had me follow him upstairs at the daily center to the vacant room with a different judge. I was very very scared so I signed my exhusbands papers to receive alimony for 71 months plus pay all taxes on it. It was 30k per yr before taxes. So I guess whatever taxes my ex paid during our marriage for 2 different businesses during our marriage had zero to do with me? The 1st business was a detail shop that also sold alarms for cars in Chgo & the 2nd business was a used car dealership in Chgo. He moved the dealership from Chgo to Kenosha approx 3 yrs ago. He also had an office at one time in Indiana where he told me all he had to do was have the name on the door&a working phone& then somehow he could buy& sell cars from that location without needing a car lot. That one was called triple J automotive
I hope I made sense. Thank you! I am 58 years old.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Unfortunately,I do not understand your post. Kindly clarify. Are you trying to undo your divorce settlement? Are you asking about Social Security disability benefits? I just do not know from reviewing your post. Kindly ask specific questions. Thank you for your cooperation.