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I've got drones all over me, and I have done absolutely

Customer Question

I've got drones all over me, and I have done absolutely nothing wrong! I went from my home, and went to get a girl, and carried her home! When I let her out it was about 1:45 am, and by the time I got back into town it was around 2:00 am! I stopped at a store to get me something to drink, and I talked with the girl there for about 5 minutes! When I went to get in my truck, and notice Deputy Brent Dickson pulled up in his K-9/Cruiser! He got out of his Cruiser, and went in the store! I left to go get pictures of the site where I ran my truck off an embankment. I was going to get these pictures for my insurance adjuster! As I'm headed that way on Austin St. in Jacksonville, Texas, Austin St. will run into Canada St., and when I got to Canada St. here can Deputy Brent Dickson at high speed down Canada St.! I proceeded to the Little Creek Apartments to take the pictures! I couldn't get the pictures, because there was a car in the spot that I needed! So I left out of the A Apartment Complex by wat of Beaumont St. which I turned left on Beaumont St., and came to the four way stop on Canada St. I went straight up Beaumont St., and passed the Elementary School, and came to another four way stop, and went straight through it, and a little ways back I kept seeing these lights go from amber to white! So not knowing what was going on I took a left at the end of Beaumont St. and took a right on hwy 79, and then a left on Mytral Dr. to hwy 135, and home! Now I lost these lights at the left I took off Beaumont St. but they hit them again after I crossed hwy 135 to My. Enterprise Rd, and they came across hwy 135, and I saw them one more time! When I got to my house I didn't go out until that night, and all of a sudden I have 5 to 6 drones following me out to a friends house! It really flipped us both out! So we stay up all night just watching them, and I was taking pictures of them! She even made a statement that they had no right invading her privacy like that being on her property like they were! At 5:45 am, that next morning I leave to come home, and do to a strom the night before hwy 135 was closed! I had to turn around, and go to hwy 177, but it was closed also! I then had to go into Troup, Texas, and go hwy 110 into Whitehouse, Texas, and from there to 346 FM to hwy 69 into Jacksonville, Texas! When I got back home there were so many drones that I could hear them humming! I've got many pictures of these drones! I've called the FBI to see if they had me under surveillance, and they told me no! I've called the Cherokee County SO, and they told me they have no drones, but I'm told by individual I know that they do, and its weird that Deputy Brent Dickson came racing down Canada St. which I'm told he lives in that area! Its also amazing how the drones didn't get on me until his race to the house, because that where he's probably keeps some of them! This is all starting to cause me mental problems, and I already suffer from anxiety! This all started on April the 28th., and has continue every day since then! I think there tracking by my phone, and I'm going to leave my phone here at my house just to see, because there unmanned drones, and something got to tell them I'm leaving!
Thank For Your Time In This Matter
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Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Irwin Law replied 1 year ago.
Good morning George: Thanks for submitting your question to JUST ANSWER. You provide many facts and events that you are aware of. This forum works best if you ask specific questions about those facts. Then we will understand exactly what information you are seeking. I look forward to assisting you.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Since April 26, 2016, I've had drones following me, and someone must have me under surveillance, and that at my property in masses?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
They didn't start until the morning of April 6, 2016, at approximately 2:30 am!