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I sold some Lakers tickets back in November for $351 on Stubhub.

Customer Question

I sold some Lakers tickets back in November for $351 on Stubhub. I canceled the sale due to issues with their website that didn't allow me to update my listing. At the time I was told I would be charged a 20% fee for doing this, but in March 2016, Stubhub charged me $1989, saying that was the fair amount for recovering tickets. How can I dispute this when the company is 100% on the wrong side of this one and they won't budge?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 1 year ago.
Dear Customer,I am sorry to learn of this situation.You have 2 potential options (I say potential because you need to carefully review the terms of service for the site (I believe you identified it as "Stubhub") to see whether or not you are bound by an "Arbitration Clause" and if so, what the terms of that arbitration clause are - some arbitration clauses require all disputes to be arbitrated, while others allow small claims disputes (in CA up to $10,000.00) to be handled in small claims court, while amounts in excess must be arbitrated).If there is no arbitration clause - you can simply sue the company, use the California Courts small claims advisor self help site (it is excellent) to assist you, it has all forms necessary to complete your case, as well as helpful information on completing your action: there is an arbitration clause, and that arbitration clause applies to all claims (see comment above): you will need to initiate an arbitration claim - the contract will have a contact to submit your arbitration claim to (one of the larger companies is the "American Arbitration Association" - but you need to use the arbitration firm identified in your contract, so use the information in the contract, and then file your complaint with them (you will want to get a set of rules from the arbitration firm (almost always available on their website) right away.You can also file a complaint with the California Attorney General, Department of Consumer Affairs - the AG will not prosecute your case for you, but they do investigate businesses that are practicing unfair or fraudulent business practices and take administrative and criminal action against them (if consumers do not report bad businesses, they can continue taking advantage of other citizens). You can file a report online here:

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