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Family tragedy Need lawyer in Houston Texas with connections

Customer Question

Family tragedy
Need lawyer in Houston Texas with connections to Police Department IN HOUSTON zip code 77056 or top investigator...
my sister committed suicide
***** *****hausen (Pinson)
6255 Ella Lee Ln / corner with Chimney Rock Rd.
Houston, Texas 77056
body found 50 feet from house in water canal.
1. I would like a copy of police report
2. copy of the of the suicide letter
3. copy of the death certificate this one is easy
4. copy of autopsy report
5. copy of pictures of how the body was found (this one i know it would be hard)
NOTE i want all 5 OBJECTIVES if the pictures can not be gotten i understand but to just get the death certificate is not enough that i know i can do myself.
it happened last April 18-19 between 9:45 pm and they found the body I believe in early mounting of the 19 just outside her house in the water canal. 50 feet from house
Had not spoken to my sister for over 20 years. She was 53-54 years old.. can ask my mother for her birthday and will provide full name if you do a Google search we both have the same last name before she got married.
this is no a joke
I want someone that has the expertise and connections in situations like this. Some one that can get the objective done. Movie Lincon Lawyer/ lead investigator
If you do not please refer it to someone that does. again getting the death certificate IS NOT ENOUGH and i know that i can do it if i log into one of those gov websites.
I need closure and want all 4 objectives if possible all 5 objectives...
Best Wishes,
George Pinson
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
I am sorry to hear of the tragedy. After 25 years in law enforcement together with many years practicing law, I assure you family members do not need to see pictures of their loved ones in that type of situation and it will not bring you closure.
If the investigation is closed, you need to start by making a public records request for the police report. In Texas they do not need to give you the full report, only the initial report, so you may not get the detectives report.
If that public records request does not yield what you want, I am afraid that a local attorney is not going to be able to get the report for you unless there is some type of law suit filed and it is obtained by subpoena and it really does not matter who the attorney is, because if the police release a report even to an attorney that is not to be disclosed, the officer will lose their job. The best you may get is the ability to speak with the investigating detective on the phone at that point
However, if the department denies your public records request, then you can spend the money on a local attorney to file suit in court for the violations of the Texas Public Records Act.
You can get an attorney if you ultimately need one (you may get all you need through public records) at the same sites used by other attorneys, or