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I went to buy an RV on craigslist, met the guy and asked if

Customer Question

I went to buy an RV on craigslist, met the guy and asked if he would take $1000 down and rest in 30 days. He said YES... He wrote up a bill of sale, which i have, saying the He sold a 1996 Tioga RV to me for $8500, I paid $1000 and that the remaining $7500 is due in 30 days. 2 weeks later I noticed the RV listed on Craigslist again and I txt him saying i am still wanting it and if everything is still a GO... He txt back and said YES... then on the 30th day, a friday, my funds didnt post to my bank, i needed 1 more buiseness day, i txt him explaining this, didnt hear back, i txt him the following Monday morning said i had cash, no responce, I called a couple hours later and he said "OH I hadnt heard from you at all so I sold it on Saturday" and he said he is keeping my $1000. Can I sue him to get back the $1000?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  FamilyAttorney replied 1 year ago.
Hello. I’m a licensed attorney with 36 years’ experience. I specialize in family law and appeals, and I have many years’ experience with landlord-tenant issues and contract law. I also have written articles on DUIs/DWIs/OUIs, process serving, employment law, Social Security law and on many other legal subjects. I answer questions on these topics as well as general legal questions and questions about negligence and other civil wrongs such as defamation and invasion of privacy. I look forward to helping you today.Please note:This is general information and is not legal advice. No specific course of action is proposed herein, and no attorney-client relationship or privilege is formed by speaking to an attorney on this site. By continuing, you confirm that you understand and agree to these terms. I'm sorry this happened to you. That's horrible but I've heard some horror stories from Craigslist. It does have its uses but of course it's like anything else -- if you buy something from a private seller, you never know who you're going to be dealing with. Most of the times people are honest but not always and I'm so sorry that happened here.You can sue him if you have proof that you purchased the vehicle. If the bill of sale states that you paid him $1000 for the RV, with the remaining $7500 due in 30 days and he sold it anyway, then you can sue him in Small Claims Court in your state. Here's a link to Washington Small Claims Court: It should give you the info that you need to get a case going.All of this is going to depend on the bill of sale and any other evidence. The judge may ask you what he told you, or the judge may not ask that. I hope the bill of sale is in detail. If it is, you have a good case. There is no guarantee of a win but it sounds like a good case if the bill of sale is thorough. You can go to Small Claims without a lawyer -- a lawyer will charge you a lot of money for a court appearance and you won't get much money out of it, so you're better off doing this by yourself. Have a friend go with you for moral support if you need it. Do you know where he is located? You will need to have someone serve him with the papers. The only problem you're going to have here is that you didn't pay him on the 30th day, but most judges would say that it's unconscionable for him to sell the RV the next day and/or to keep the $1000. I hope this helps and clarifies. Please ACCEPT my answer and then please RATE me when finished reviewing my answer. Kindly rate my answer as one of top three faces/stars and then SUBMIT, as this is how I get credit for my time with you. Rating my answer the bottom two faces/stars or failing to submit the rating does not give me credit and reflects poorly on me, even if my answer is correct. I work very hard to formulate an informative and honest answer for you. I thank you in advance for rating me.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I do know where he lives, i sat in his living room when he wrote Bill of Sale... I also found out he went to prison for rolling back odometers a few years ago and stuff... Stanley Stevens...
Expert:  FamilyAttorney replied 1 year ago.
Wow, that is terrible! Well, he's obviously not a reputable person. You can try to bring that up in court, his background. That might persuade a judge to rule in your favor. Bring the article with you. I included a link to the Small Claims Court in WA. See above. Copy and paste and you can read the rules for getting a case into SCCourt in WA.As long as the Bill of Sale is specific enough -- it states that you paid $1000, that it was for the vehicle, that the sale price was $7500, that you pay the $7500 in thirty days, it is unlikely that a judge will allow him to keep the $1000, and he shouldn't have sold it either if you would have the money the next day. Hopefully a judge will see it your way, but I do think you have a case.Best of luck to you and thanks in advance for rating me. Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions related to this one. Good luck!