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I have not driven in ten years but on april20 2016 i was 302

Customer Question

I have not driven in ten years but on april20 2016 i was 302 by a dr. Grays in taylor hosp. I filed a greivance with social security and blue cross i was released april 21 2016 they went through all my identification. And said i cannot drive, i am 60 years old and compitant in handling finaces on my own and i beleive that fraud was committed on me. Iam married to a veteran and it is a lot of hardship for me and him. I feel tottally isolated from all this hardship. I was very independent i cannot vote because of the area. And i was told to talk to law enforcement about it but they just donot care we both own this home and iam trying to do everthing possible for him i know a drivers liscence is a luxury but i have no luxury what so ever there is no-one to rely on except me and him i cannot remember the persons name but iam aggravated by what they say about me that iam this that and the other thing i feel i am judged by deffemation of character
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  AttyHeather replied 1 year ago.
I'm Heather S. I'm an attorney with 15 years experience. I am having a bit of trouble understanding your question. Normally, if you are going to have your driver's license taken away, you would have a right to a hearing. If this was what you are asking, then I hope I helped. If not, please clarify. Best of luck to you.Heather S.