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Florida is killing my wife, because the legal community statutes

Customer Question

Florida is killing my wife, because the legal community statutes do not recognize the extraordinary susceptibility autism from congenital conditioned seizures left my wife in the hands of society's belligerent elements; taking her confidence; making her scapegoat shield for the real criminals to run free and scapegoat other unsuspecting citizens like. My wife. It had not happened in a closet. Other examples such as her's is assuredly are in Florida representative of others without that equal protection element of specific performance denied that intimate citizen's vacancy of the republican form of government of him and her just as this is strangling her health and rights. All the way back to January 27, 2015 I had noticed and requested on behalf of her health ignored of the view of medically necessary competent emergency and admitting doctors had ordered for medical therapies treatments to be given to counteract effects of stroke and diabetes combinations. No effort to effect proper insulin food ratio balances, but the mercy of assigned inmates as wheel chair pushers, that do not cooperate, conspire, make difficulty, and otherwise deal cruel persecution to her whom is without right hand grip, whole right side is not useful for self ambulatory mobility. And she is left an object of persecution and abuse.
JA: Thanks. Can you give me any more details about your issue?
Customer: She is now recently classified legally blind. General public has information from medical community, and it's commonly known amongst diabetics, their typical hazards as diabetics to infection, organ damage, extremity dangers, if diet and insulin are not closely watched and balanced. Once before court ensued, she through those things with diet excercise and balancing her system Marcia was able to get off metformin, drive, encourage young and old abandon residents at summertime retirement center with three years of leading Bible readings and study. She helped deliver foods and glasses collected from donations. She'd stop to help animals, elderly, wheel chair bound across streets. So many ministries I think she could no longer do, since the courts have ravaged her health to what it is now, and whittling her away by the day. Atrophies threaten to leave her permanently disfigured in access to her former abilities, but for denying timely access to physical and medical therapies ordered just before they took custody of her. I was afraid I might make things worse for her continuing to interject where I had no experience to even suppose for outcome examples for what affects against her. Found no such thing as people talked of finding lawyers to do any pro bono help. Relating letters of my own and her friends with her request for review for commutation of sentence, on bases health duty taken in their possession, sighting neglects, the proximate causes in damage to eyes where she'll no longer drive, damage to threats of real and permanent atrophies threatened by denials of therapy still denied undoing progress achieved from therapists prior to custody taken in to the State of Florida corrections. And correction institutions applied to Marcia are evidentially ill equipped to accord persons with real health problems any better than treating them as forgotten mental patients to expire their health and life in silence without representation in equal protection of law with the rest of us; or to just leave their health and lives to expire under the ill fated watch of inmates in proximity without oversight check or any balance. I am into third set of paralegal studies towards a two year degree, still in search of attorneys I can become part of a support team to help them help people with silent disease autism. If I don't find attorneys doing by the time I attain my degree; then I'll use money I make as paralegal on two more years to law degree in trek to convince Florida Congress to committee honorable men and women to ask the questions to bridge the medical information gap to instructional statutes to executive and judiciary to identify unawares conflicts with law typical to these extraordinary susceptibilities to such effects of instruction in equal protection broadened to persons so identified in silent disease to save some and as the experiment more of them with silent disease from being the scapegoat shields to the real ravaging criminals: so that effects reveal and venues be established to the executive and judiciary to find out more of the real criminals. In that I may be being led to be my father's successor in his life model that always said, "Find them that are hurt; and help them. Amos 4:13 shows the Lord declares our thoughts. So all we're left with are our choices. Marcia believes that. And she and others like her, don't deserve to be murdered for trying to help and do their best. My son sent mr your link. That's how I happened here. I hope I did not waist your time. But when I took the link, to JUSTANSWER.COM, you did ask. Persons got her information, confidence. Convinced her they had her deal for them purchases "difficult overseas." Convinced they knew private information of her past; and in cards they sent her with her name on the cards, she believed the funds were theirs: never seeing a name of the third party(throughout 4 years of pretrial no association was tested or revealed of such as the life of this person in relation to Marcia Ann Bilyue, DC#E51675. Seizures (3) 2002, one of which were two hours long taking from her 48 years of memory. 2004 or 2006 people contacted her. In her state, swing from fear to suggestibility was childlike; but her voice sounds her age, as well as body appearance. Court insued 2009. Denials of evidence on record, litany of rights denied. Defense ridiculed and denied: and hiding defense and record from the fact finding jurors.
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Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I put bill money on this prepaid card that I don't have of what should be earmarked for school books; electric for my son's insulin; pay for phone, internet, for studies; or towards getting the home water services initiated beyond not only the bill, but extra deposits, turn on fee, and delinquent fee.
Continuing this as if G-d lead my son to send me this link. I just paid my rent two weeks late. My home water services have been shut off for three weeks. Is there something you can tell me in help to save my wife's life to receive these therapies before point of no restoration to late to be timely to save her health and her life? I don't know, by the rate of her deterioration, if she can survive her sentence through to November 2017. I am in no way contracting for membership payments. And I'm not agreeing to any payments beyond this single speculation.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for for what you are led to tell me. I it will help. Any way please say a prayer for Marcia and us at home.
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
I am sorry, but I read everything above and still do not understand what your question is for us?
Have you filed a motion for post conviction relief to try to get her sentence reduced to get her released from jail sooner than November 2017?
Are they providing her basic medical care as required by the law?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I wrote letters with to friends; copied documents for review showing long standing attempts to notice and request they assume commencement of her health care: and citing as evidence of damage the Lowell Correctional Institution recently classified her "legally blind" as evidence how that shows that consequence in damage proximate to their neglect of her care, to accompany her request for review for commutation of sentence. They are still withholding from her basic medically necessary healthcare that all our notice and request for have been ignored, falling on a system and policy of deafness of ears. Was waiting on my diabetic son to write his letter. But intend to collect together and send to her without his letter. As their mailing rules don't allow staples, but for inmates expectations to put them to use as weapons. I'm putting together colored cover sheets for each packet of nine packets per group, to take the place for staples organize packets. And I'm sending one group with certified copies required of information, judgment, and sentence, along with other original copy letters. Three groups I'm sending as required, keeping a group home, and sending an extra group for Marcia. And trying to keep work towards bills, and school going as well. Is request for review for commutation of sentence the post conviction relief you are asking about? Or is there another relief to seek to shorten her sentence and get her home, where we can make sure she can get to therapies that she has need of?
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your reply.
Letters to friends is not how to deal with this type of situation. If they are not providing medical care, then you need to file a petition for habeas corpus relief for violation of her 8th Amendment right for cruel and unusual punishment for denial of the basic medical care the US Supreme Court has said that every inmate has a right to receive.
Furthermore, in addition to the petition for habeas corpus, you need to file a motion for post conviction relief in the court where she was sentenced and argue that the sentence was too harsh based on her medical condition and seek to get that sentence reduced OR to ask the court to move her to a medical facility for the remainder of her sentence.
You have to file in court, letters to people are useless and a waste of your time.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I'm sorry. I meant, I wrote letters and have friends of hers letters, sending for the review for commutation of sentence. I don't know how to do habeas corpus, how to argue in court, or have $5,000.00 retainer every lawyer was asking for.
"I wrote letters with to friends" was incorrectly written l.
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your reply.
She would need an attorney to file the Habeas Corpus petition and also the post conviction relief motion and you need to check with the public defender's appeals office and the state bar for pro bono attorneys in your area who could assist. Also, the ACLU, the Innocence Project and the Southern Poverty Law Center are all entities that will represent an indigent defendant if you can show them evidence of a case, which from your description above you can likely do.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I not contacted the Innocence Project and the Southern Poverty Law Center. The others came up empty, but I'll try the other two. I'll look for them online? Or is there a better way to contact them?
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
The ACLU likes "juicy" cases, those that can make it onto the news nationally.
Innocence project and SPLC are both entities that will represent individuals whose Constitutional rights are being infringed upon.
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