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Ok... , my name is*****! Bare with me quick

Customer Question

Ok... Hello, my name is*****! Bare with me for a quick backstory! Recently back on February 7th my fiancè (Hope) called 911 and said that I had put my hands on her, this lead to my arrest. While i was in jail for 10 days she had taken everything out of my house.. When i say everything, i mean there wasnt even lint on the ground or a crum in any drawer, along with a ring that we purchased together.. Let me explain to you that her credit score was higher so we ended up purchasing to the center diamond in her name as well as the ring to hold that diamond, cost about $18,000.. In my name i purchased two wedding bands that day that totalled about $8,000.. Even though the diamond is in her name but I made the monthly payments every month at $870 and I payed for them cash which was my money! Her money was direct deposit and bank records will show there was never a withdrawl of cash from that account, which both our names were on! Now, when we split due to court order of no contact she kept the rings and i have been paying the payments on the two bands still because they were in my name! So she ended up selling the ring and bands for only 5k and definately NOT with my consent! I still owe 4k on my bands and she still owes around 6k on her diamond! My question to you is, can i sue for fhe total price of the wedding bands of which is owed still? In my name! And is our past going to haunt me in a trial? Even though they dropped one charge completely and dropping the second charge down to disorderly conduct!? Do I have a chance im getting back what is mine?
Thank you sincerly,
Alex Fancher
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Sam replied 1 year ago.
Hello AlexThis is Samuel. I am sorry to hear of this matter.Yes. You can sue her for the value of the property and the court can order the value be paid or the items be returned.I suggest that the incident should not have any bearing on a civil suit to recover what is rightfully yours.If you can limit the value to $5000 you can sue in small claims court on your own without a local attorney. If you are going to sue for more than that, then you will need to sue in Circuit Court and you will need to draft the Complaint. Therefore, you should consider at least consulting with a local attorney to help with that.